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 PRODUCTIVE APPROACHES TO LIFE Here are three productive dispositions towards life.  Consider them.  If you like them – adopt them. REDEFINE YOUESELF EVERY DAY  That means that we should reinvent ourselves every day.  Whether you like it or not, we … Continue reading

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Book Proposals That $ell

When writing and publishing a book is in your day dreams, get started by studying this guidebook, written by a multiple books author, and experienced books’ editor and publishing houses insider.Just be kind to yourself. Now watch this video.

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IRA OR CRYPTOCURRENCY? You may not have both your IRA and your crypto-currency. A few days ago a rumor spread that Walmart will accept crypto-currency as payment…Really?  Well, out there are over 10K different crypto-currencies.  Which one will Walmart take?It … Continue reading

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Practicing psychotherapy creates emotional conflicts in every therapist. Getting involved in client’s emotional difficulties, exerts a price eon the therapist. Here is one therapist’s candid report told by Dafna Lender, LCSW: Case Study: Doing Our Own Work Differently: An EMDR … Continue reading

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CANCELLING AYN RAND BY THE AMERICAN LEFT There is nothing that the American left (Progressive, Marxist) would like more than to cancel the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand.  The ideological hatred to Ayn Rand originates from her being successful in … Continue reading

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