I expected that an experienced grandmother of nine grandchildren, as Nancy Pelosi is, would know that she can enjoy eating her cake but she can’t keep it whole at the same time. Because – the cake – Nancy’s cake – gets moldy by the day.
Her cake gets oldie and moldy every day.
The impeachment peaches over the cake get moldier with every hour that passes.
The proverb literally means “you cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it”.  Once the cake is eaten, it is gone. It means that one cannot have two incompatible things, or that no one should try to have more than is reasonable.

The phrase you can’t have your cake and eat it too means that there are two options open to Nancy:
She can enjoy an impeachment trial in the Senate, or she can fold the tent and go chill elsewhere.

She can’t have both because the two options conflict with each other, so she can only pick one.
Nancy’s Show is getting stale by the day.  The Box Office proceeds are dwindling.  Her political dividends are shrinking.  Actually she’s living off her political savings account.

Nancy’s favorite print media outlet – The New York Times analyzed her dilemma eight years ago.  A very good piece of academic linguistic analysis:


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Everyone who uses the internet for search of an “item”, a “something”, accepts the fact that the big search engines are biased.

All search engines are biased because they are owned by different internet giant corporations who collect as much as available information there is in cyberspace.

Every high technology giant wants to grab the users’ data and identity. Each search engine attempt to outsmart all other search engines and sells it.   It’s all a given to the users.

Sometimes a search engine of one technology giant such as Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine ignores web sites hosted by Google web-services.
The reason is simple: why promote the competitor’s web service?
The case in point is the web-site, .

Bing Search ignores this web site just because it’s hosted by Google’s hosting service.

The use of is free. On the other hand Microsoft does not provide free site hosting as Google does.
Well, this is one more reason why I avoid using Microsoft’s Edge browser. Yahoo Search is not in this big-league.

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A few facts about the Gutenberg Bible

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York is the only library in the world that has three copies, out of 49 copies known to exists, that were printed in 1455 Johannes Gutenberg.  Only one of the three copies in the Morgan Library is a complete original Gutenberg volume.

There are only five complete original Gutenberg editions (volumes) in the U.S. (Morgan Library NY, LO Congress, DC, Yale Beinecke Library, Harvard Widener Library, University of Texas Austin).

In 1968 Brussel & Brussel Publishers in NY, produced a limited edition of a 3 volumes reduced facsimile in black and white of the complete Gutenberg Bible.  Two volumes of the Hebrew Bible and the third volume is the New Testament. The New Testament volume has illustrations in color.


If you are interested in owning this set of the Gutenberg Bible facsimile go here:
Gutenberg Bible Facsimile

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How do you manifest?

By being that which you want to manifest.  By being aware, that you are aware.

It is your awareness of being that manifests.  Your awareness manifests all things that you are aware of.

Life always gives a person that which the person is aware of himself or herself.

Your awareness of your being delivers to you the quality or attribute that you claim for yourself.

Very few people ask, ‘What is it, about me, that knows this flow of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions? With what am I aware of my experience?’

All people have the experience of being aware, but relatively few people are aware that they are aware.

Awareness knows of its own being in us.  Our self-awareness is our fundamental and most intimate experience.

So how is that being aware manifests itself?

First a mental state of general amnesty towards other people is very important.  We have to release others from all condemnation so that we will be free to rise to any higher level that is necessary in order to be fully aware of our being.

Life always gives us – human beings – that which we – each person- give him or herself.

This is the requirement of manifestation.
Every person’s conception of their own self is being their reward.

The consciousness of any human being is his Universe.

There is no latent awareness. There is no subconscious or unconscious awareness.

We are aware of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.

Man is the measure of all things.

Humans see their own Universe.

Humans gauge their own time.


Note to the wise:

Your advice on “Time Management” is a fallacy:

Time has it’s own pace.

We mismanage our priorities and blame lack of time.

Get rid of the “To Do List”

Instead, have a primal being aware list and manage your personal “To Be Aware List“.

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A Combination of the Master Attractor and The Vision of Habakkuk

You can get these books bundled, and autographed here:

Autographed copies of all about the Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible.

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Do this:
Hold your vision front and center.

Watch it manifest.

Do not mess up the process.

The Zen has its own time line.

~ Mandy Lender, MD

The Zen of Attraction & Manifestation


Why it works?
You cannot talk about anything for very long before it starts to replicate itself in your life experience. It is what makes you develop your pattern of truth.

“At first I wasn’t sure and then I pondered it for a while. And once I gave it my attention, I began seeing evidence of it. And now that I believe – it manifests in my experience”.

~ Esther Hicks

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The human phallus was always a subject of worship and admiration.
It goes back many millenniums.

Recent archaeological discovery:
The phallus as an object of art and worship.



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