Data manipulation of climate change is as prevalent as any statistical manipulation of epi-phenomena.

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When the Democrat US Representative – a Congresswoman from Minnesota – referred to the “Benjamins”, she likely had in mind, Queen Victoria’s most revered British PM Benjamin Disraeli.

I don’t see anything wrong with that.  No need for her later, to apologize!

Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was the founding father of the British conservative party.  Winston Churchill worked hard to emulate Benjamin Disraeli as a Prime-Minister.

Benjamin Disraeli  was also the architect of the British Empire.  Disraeli arranged for Britain’s acquisition of the Suez Canal through a loan guarantee he arranged with the assistance of the Rothschild Brothers.

And yes, Benjamin Disraeli was the first Prime Minister in the UK from a minority ethnicity.  And yes, of Jewish ancestry.  Nothing Benjamin Disraeli did to apologize for. God Save the Queen!
Oh, every now and then there are other noteworthy Benjamins.
Benjamin Herzl was the ideological author of Zionism.  Oops, some don’t like Zionism.  My condolences.

Then there is Benjamin De Rothschild that some may not like.   I can understand – it’s because he is young and successful in his financial business….  It’s called jealousy of the successful.
The real Benjamin that many folks like to hate is…  Prime-Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Well, he is Prime Minister through democratic elections.

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I couldn’t make this stuff up.
What does the LGBT movement have to gain from getting involved in the Middle East conflict?
The American LGBT movement likes to be in bed with Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
What is the relevance of LGBT to the PLO?  Go figure.
The LGBT movement is losing it.  You have to read it to figure it out.
LGBT married the PLO

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On February 1, 2019 I ordered a hotel room reservation at the Courtyard by Marriott in Flint MI, through a seamy, (phishy), web site:  –  This web site charged $19.99 that was supposed to be refunded to my CC after I check in.
It was a bad start right there.
Upon arrival to Courtyard by Marriott in Flint MI the temperature was -2F outside.  Three cars were parked outside on an ice-rink parking lot.
I checked in. Before my CC was swiped I asked for the expected balance and it met the information given to me on the confirmation.  My card was swiped and I was handed a key card to the room.
Next came the old surprise trick:  The receptionist handed me a “Parking Permit” announcing that a $10 parking fee will be added to my final statement.
Note:  The parking lot was practically deserted on a Friday night.  There is no valet service and there is security service.
Given the subfreezing temperature outside, and that cancelling the CC transaction will generate more complications I accepted the circumstances.
This was a cheap highway robbery in dark of the night of a captive traveler by the Marriott Corporation.
The irony is that I have a “Marriott Rewards Gold Elite” status by their business agreement with United Airlines.
One more thing the “” service charge is disputed separately.  That’s simple and easy.

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A Democrat Behind a Wall

Former Senate Majority Leader – Senator Harry Reid a democrat from Nevada lives in a gated community as described by a neighbor surrounded by wall.  Heavy Wall.
A democrat Who Likes His Wall

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A personalized URL on Amazon went live on line today.
Better late than never.  More to follow.
Click below and see what happens.

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First, Windows 10 sneaks into my desktop computer without my consent during periods that it is idle and I’m gone.

Second, Windows 10 is intrusive.   It changes my desktop computer internal configuration without my knowledge or consent.  For example my desktop directories filing system is re-arranged to suit the personal taste and style of Microsoft’s’ software engineers.    For example, when I try to find my stuff I have to go on a fishing expedition.  Guess whose time is wasted?

Third,  Each update of Windows 10 brings random incompatibilities with other equipment-developers’ drivers.  Even Hewlett-Packard printer-drivers are not seamlessly compatible and coordinated with Windows 10.

Fourth, Windows 10 opening screen is a big in-my-face, pushy, blunt commercial advertisement to Microsoft’s products.  Often with little or no substantiation.

Fifth,  There is no escape for non-geek users like myself from Windows 10.



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