Does story telling have to have an objective?
Does story telling need be objective?

I told a short story during a club meeting of Toastmasters International.  The narrative was banal. I reminisced of two episodes which occurred in airports, where I needed to go the restroom.

With well over two thousands commercial flight segments in my air travel history, I walked inadvertently into a women’s restroom.  I must have been tired, or in one case at the Charles De Gaulle airport I misread the sign. Probably expected to see a Women sign but alas in French it read Dames. 
Inside I looked around and there were only closed stalls.  I wondered, where are the urinals in Paris?

Then a jolt hit my mind – I’m in the wrong restroom.  I felt scared, what if some gendarme lady will walk in and take some legal action against my act of trespassing?

I ran out for my life.  I was scared and embarrassed.
How could it happen to me?

Yes. I was jet-lagged and tired after a transatlantic flight.  But still there could be no excuse for my transgression. What excuse would I tell the sitting Magistrate if taken to court?

Some twenty years later the same happened to me in an airport on American soil. 

Relax.  During both episodes no female was in the restroom. I was twice lucky.


Now years later I tell my story to entertain my fellow club members.  The pay-off was returned to me with giggles and chuckles.

As the protocol calls in this ninety-four years old public speaking organization, a club member “evaluated” my “speech”.  Evaluation in the jargon of Toastmasters means – critiquing the content and delivery of the story. 

The gist of the criticism was that my speech lacked an objective.  I should have stated that this real life story had an objective – a purpose – and declare the objective ahead of time.

I was probably expected to state as an objective something like,
“Make sure that you avoid the other sex bathrooms”. 
Or maybe,
“For your personal safety and others, ensure that you walk into a same sex bathroom consistent with your congenital sex”.

I think that the Evaluator’s objective was to tell us that my story was purposeless.  In that case I agree.

In the social circles of the self-improvement community you must have a goal. Otherwise you’re a wandering generality…


I went home and started to think.  I asked myself, do story telling have to have an objective?

The immediate reaction in my mind was – do Shakespeare’s works have an objective?  If you know the answer, enlighten me.

Next, I asked myself what is the objective of the seven volumes of Harry Potter’s book stories?

The word “Objective” in the English language has two meanings.  One meaning is impartiality. The second meaning is a goal.

Story telling is an old art that was practiced by ancient cavemen who sat around a bonfire and told stories that passed down generations to come.
Nowadays storytelling is intended to entertain the listeners the same as the art of painting does to stir an emotion in the viewers.

Same applies to composing and playing music.

Most stories are told for entertainment sake.  Rarely do stories have a moral to them.

William Shakespeare was a genius story teller of the English language.  Yet he never left England.  He wrote plays set in Italy like The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet.  He wrote about the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar but those stories were all products of his fertile imagination. There was his queen Cleopatra, yet he never visited Egypt.  

Get this – Shakespeare wrote and told stories to entertain his audience. Shakespeare’s objective was to earn a living from his dramatized stories played on stage.  His objective was to earn money from the entertained the audience.

That was the unspoken objective but the objective truth about the great William Shakespeare.

What is the objective in the series of seven Harry Potter story books?

The three early volumes are two to three hundred pages long and the four last volumes are over six hundred pages each! 
That’s a lot of printed words, telling imagined stories.

So are there objectives or a message in the Harry Potter series.

Well, there is none.  The stories are fascinating, hallucinating and written as a show of the wizardly literary talent of Joanne Rowling.

There were attempted guesses about the message or the “objective”.  May be the books about love (Lily).  Some critics say it’s about death (Voldemort).

R. K. Rowling said in her graceful commencement address to graduating 2008 class of Harvard students that she was “morally neutral” in the Harry Potter series.
Harry Potter has no message but has an unwritten objective – to create a billion dollars industry.  Including print, merchandise, and movies… And indeed it did.

By now you may start to agree that storytelling is an art that may not include an objective.
The art of storytelling – is the objective.


Not yet satisfied?  
Have you heard the story about the Little Red Capp Girl by the Brothers Grimm? Does this story have an objective?  Enlighten me.

Take the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Read it and come up with your own concluded objective or message. If you can.  Lots of social and psychological literature was written over this story.  Including some oedipal interpretations…

Miguel De Cervantes published in 1605 a novel titled Don Quixote.  It is one of the greatest literary works of Western literature.  It was translated to most world languages.  The story is about a man who lost his mind to become a chivalrous knight.

Among other things he went fighting the blades of a wind mill that he envisioned as the enemy.

Tilting at windmills is an English idiom that means attacking imaginary enemies. The expression is derived from Don Quixote, and the word “tilt” in this context refers to jousting.

The phrase is sometimes used to describe either confrontation where adversaries are incorrectly perceived, on misinterpreted or misapplied heroic, romantic, or idealistic justifications.

Literary critics never agreed if Don Quixote is a tragedy or a comedy.  Miguel De Cervantes did not intend that his story’s objective is the enrichment of the Spanish language.


Storytelling is an art as painting is an art.

Painters are glad to tell their viewers that their artwork is intended to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer. 
What is the objective in Jackson Pollock’s paintings of colorful blots and stains?

Minority of artwork was created to be an intentional objective to carry a message.

It’s hard to say that Pablo Picasso’s paintings and sculpture art have an objective.  His artwork reflected mostly his view of life as expressed in the styles of surrealism and cubism.

Yet, when Picasso intended to – he had an objective.

The great example of art with an objective is his “Guernica” painting.  It was created as a humanistic political protest against Spain’s fascist regime during the Spanish Civil War.

While Guernica had an objective (purpose), it was not objective (not impartial). Guernica is a subjective work of art that expressed an objective message.


Johann Sebastian Bach composed for and virtuously played the organ in the beginning of the 18th century.  J. S. Bach wrote over one thousand pieces of music.  He fathered twenty children of whom ten lived and grew to adulthood. J. S. Bach composed and played his genius music to entertain his employers – the princes of and dukes. Providing food for his family was the objective of his musical work.  His divine music was a by-product that we still enjoy today.   


The Holy Bible has stories.  It has many stories.  Majority of the stories are told in conjunction with lesson learned intent. Yet some salacious stories are just that and with no identifiable objective.  For example is the incest of Lot, or the adultery of King David.

I studied the stories of the bible.  I was interested with how the Biblical stories demonstrate the Law of Attraction in life and action. The Law of Attraction as we know it was not widely known in Biblical times.  Only talented leaders and gifted wise men knew The Secret.

I published two books on the subject.


My take home message is – story telling is an art and not a scientific report.

Every listener to a story has to keenly observe, on their own, for a possible objective, whether implied or explicit.


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Last week I went to Jewel supermarket for groceries.  I picked up AN avocado and the price for ONE avocado was $1.99 before tax.
Man, it’s only an avocado.  A month ago in May, a gallon of gasoline was around $2.09. Now its $2.39.

A single avocado is price-chasing one gallon of gasoline.

The progressive liberal party government economists sit in their air-conditioned offices or in front of TV-networks cameras and telling us that all is well – the economy is expanding.  Money is printed in trillions. Therefore prices can go up.
Get this – when prices go up for any reason – the purchasing power of one dollar goes down.

Read this again.
What does it take to be a voting member of the Board of Governoprs of the Federal Reserve Bank?  Get an academic appointment in a university and run a continuous personal public relations campaign.  

At that point in their life the – the Fed governors don’t go shopping for groceries and don’t fill their car gas tank.  As a result they have no idea that there is a high price inflation in America.

Who are the victims of monetary inflation? 
Ordinary folks who are out of work, or retirees on fixed income.

Inflation is a hidden tax on folks with limited income or the poor.
But politicians are not paid to take care of the really poor or the folks on fixed income.

Economists and politicians must be forced to buy their groceries and fill up their own car tanks.

Will it happen? Not really – they pay others to do for them those menial jobs…

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Marshall Sylver is a bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is a person who wishes to learn and reach Buddhahood.  
The Dharma according to him in order to reach Enlightenment has four steps.

Here are his four Steps to Enlightenment:

First step:  Forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Don’t act as a victim. Be a victor.

Second step:  Recognize that your life is perfect.  Finding your life less than perfect is a waste of your time.  Live in the now.

Third step:  Utilize your life.  Utilize your life instead of just tolerating it.  Keep asking: What is great about my situation?   Tell yourself: I am in the moment!

Fourth step:  Serve others. Find ways to serve others.  The more you serve others, the more you will be rich.

Marshall Sylver is a businessman, living in Las Vegas NV.


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I asked a friend what is cryptocurrency? He holds a crypto account (Ethereum I believe), so he must know something, right? During the conversation the friend said to me:

“Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) has technology ingrained into it that defines its value.”


He finished cooking his omelet and I was left sitting at the kitchen table pondering what I just heard.  Then I jumped and said:
“Say it again.”
He repeated his sentence and I said to him:

“Do you realize that you just defined God?”


Get this, Bitcoin has built into it mechanisms that limits the total number of coins (to 21 million). The crypto-code cut the number of coin mined (produced) into circulation by half every 4 years.  The production requires continuous investment of energy to mine new coins and maintain this platform operating.

Those conditions are ingrained into Bitcoin code to ensure that Bitcoin will keep on going up in value as well as the increasing costs of production and maintenance. It’s estimated that mining of Bitcoin will continue through the year 2140.  And it’s estimated that the price of Bitcoin in 2030 may rise to around $500,000 per coin. 

Going back to our kitchen table chat I said:
“You got here a system that will keep on going for the foreseeable future, that manages to feed on itself, that preserves itself, and that lives off massive energy that originates in the sun. Sounds to me like a divine platform.”

Better yet it’s a gift that keeps on giving to eternity just like God and the sun.

We don’t know what other conditions Satoshi built into his original code of Bitcoin.  Satoshi wrote the code and is the prophet that heralded the age of Cryptocurrency.  Like any Biblical prophet he is unknown.

Maybe in the year 2140 the Bitcoin will reincarnate itself?

In the meantime we are utilizing a platform that is maintained either by mining new bitcoins, which require perpetual energy investment to operate powerful computers, or paying transactional fees to the cryptocurrency exchanges that earn a service fee for profit.   

The cryptocurrency is a closed eco-economic-system that operates under its exclusive coded by-laws. 

You have to continuously invest energy onto this system. If you keep adding energy you keep ripping financial rewards that you may exchange for a fee into fiat dollars.  

So now where do the theological concepts of God come in?

God is a manmade awareness that confer various powers to the believers. God is said to reward its professed believers, servants and preachers. 

The Judeo-Christian version of God and worship is outlined in the Bible.

Basically if a believer tithes to the Church or its surrogates the believer is promised to be rewarded ten times.  

Who says so?  The Bible says so.

The Book of Malachi, 3:10 reads:

“Bring me ya all the tithes into the store house, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

You have to tithe to God’s works in order to materially benefit from the system of tithing. The churches, temples, synagogues are all part of God’s divine system.

The parallels are clear. 

Buy Bitcoin or even better mine Bitcoin and keep it in your digital wallet then you are guaranteed to get rich.

There are two conditions: someone has to keep mining bitcoins and pay the electricity bill and some party has to act as the exchange platform for trading Bitcoin into fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.    

If you do that.  If you do that faithfully and persistently you will rip abundance.

So consider bitcoin mining as tithing and cryptocurrency exchange agencies as churches…

If you’re a savvy reader you’ll ask right here:
First, how all that electrical energy be produced?   Fossil fuels are now unacceptable and the planet will be scorched in 12 years according to the Progressive Liberal Left.  Then why do you need to go through all this trouble to get rich for a limited period of 12 years?

Second, what would the government do, and how the government would react when the crypto-code-writers take away its seigniorage privileges to print fiat paper money.  Seigniorage is another source of income to the government.

Third, recall that the government retains the power to levy taxes, or to grant tax exemption. (The U.S. government gives religious organizations tax exemptions on a selective case by case basis…).

By the same token the government has no difficulty taxing the retail cryptocurrency exchanges. These transactions may be taxed at arbitrary 50 or 90% and cut into the profitability of crypto-exchange customers.

Time will tell.  For now it seems like a crypto-conspiracy Ponzi scheme.

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Dafna Lender practitioner and trainer of the Theraplay method and co-author of the Theraplay Handbook.


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Here are four words I may start using more frequently:

 Grotesque: Odd in shape, appearance or character.

 Pugnacity: Readily inclined to fights of quarrel.

 Roistered: To act or revel noisily in a boisterous manner.

 Subverted: To corrupt or undermine a principle

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The cave of the treasure in Nahal Mishmar in the Judean desert was there for the last 6,000 years.
At least… However the surprise precious contents in it were unearthed on March 21, 1961.
I was there as a member of an archeological expedition as it happened. It was 60 years ago.

Below you find a short introduction by me and then I will lead you to a web site that describes the cave and the treasure in details.

Now that you watched this short introduction take a quick look at two amazZzing samples of the treasure.

Assuming you are now curious and want to learn more go to this dedicated website:

When you click on the link https://www.caveofthetreasure.com/ it will open on a new tab.

Images courtesy of the Israel Museum and Hecht Museum.

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In our essay Attractome we have defined the persons who are Master Attractors. 

A Master Attractor is a person who manifests any two of the following four characteristics.

•         A Master Attractor is a person who draws a large number of fans, admirers, or devotees.

•         A Master Attractor creates new value in the domains of technologies, or enhances people’s health and welfare.

•         A Master Attractor is perceived as a spiritual or inspirational source in society.

•         A master Attractor manifests material abundance by ethical means.

Marshall Sylver has all of those characteristics.  Some stronger than others.

Here is how I came to meet Marshal Sylver about 11 years ago.

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What is truth?

What is truth? Asked Pontius Pilate of Jesus. (John 38:18)
The truth according to Social Media Gospels.

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The fourth element in Simone De Beauvoir’s Existential Credo is Freedom.

The Freedom to Live.

Freedom is the essence of our existence.

Dictators, authoritarian rulers, theocrats and plutocrats, they all derive their enjoyment from controlling other people’s freedom. 

Modified after Simone de Beauvoir in The Prime of Life. 1963.

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