Advise to all healthcare professionals from the most prolific and prosperous novelist.

In his recently published autobiography, “James Patterson by James Patterson” the novelist-extraordinaire writes about his first job out of high school.

He was a nurse-aid in a psychiatric hospital in New York.

I think I was hired because I’ve empathy for people…

The heart of the job was to talk to patients and more importantly, to listen to them.

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The Law of Attraction is a mindset that bridges the transition from the realm of thought design to empiric reality – manifesting reality  To bring manifestation to completion, a skillset is required to facilitate the process. 

A mindset and a skill-set.

This essay discusses the constitutive attributes of the mindset of the Law of Attraction.  The skillset is described in my book “The Master Attractors”, (Morgan James Publishing, New York, 2013), under the chapter titled The Tool Box of the Master Attractors.

Before attempting the intellectual analysis and discussion let me posit this question:

Do you believe that the sun will rise tomorrow?

Whatever your answer is, pause to ponder: What makes you believe that you got the right answer?

We shall get back to possible answers later on.

#        #        #

The first attribute of the Attractome is that – the Law of Attraction is involuntarily and incessantly creating.  It creates all the time in the human mind. 

We humans always think, one way or another, good or bad thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.  While we are awake or during our sleep, while in the brain is in neuronal default mode.  We make ceaseless mental selections that manifest in our lives.  The value judgments we make for good or for bad, do not play a role in the process of manifesting.

#                  #                  #

The second attribute is that the Law of Attraction is mentally compelling and obsessive.  That is because we always think.  If you doubt that, try not to think for a moment.  The Law of Attraction is always co-creating and ceaselessly manifesting. 

The Law of Attraction is compelling people to act externally in alignment with their thoughts, their intentions or their fantasies.  Unless the person holds an opposing or a diversionary thought, they will end up (slowly or quickly) manifesting the thought into the reality of their life.  The process of manifestation is obsessive and compels the person into taking conducive actions to manifest their mentally conjured new reality.  

The aligning actions are a skillset that accelerates the manifestation.  The new reality materializes even if they may not like what they conjured up in their mind.

In previous writings we explained why the Law of Attraction is self-serving and self-preserving.  In order to manifest that which is self-serving the Law of Attraction shifts into an “obsessive gear” and compels the thinker to perform in a fashion that is conducive to manifesting the obsessive intention or objective.

A minority of folks who harbor self-destructive thoughts – damage themselves.  They are even sometimes suicidal. 

Let us now explain the mechanism that accounts for the phenomenon of the Law of Attraction.  

The essence of the process is that a thought once sparked in the human mind, starts thinking about it.   In due course, that thought spawns collateral thoughts.   We often call them associated thoughts, referred to commonly as “associations”.  Next, the new collateral associated thoughts spread throughout the mind as a ripple around the original thought.

The ripples of thoughts in the mind expand our consciousness to include the target idea that we wish to manifest in our external reality. 

We become consciously aware of opportunities, resources, people, investments and circumstances that are conducive to the manifestation of the original intent or objective.  We meet the lovers; find the money; get the desired job; benefit from the right master-mind alliances, or acquire a piece of real-state.

#        #        #

Compare this mindset process to your use of an internet search engine.  You are interested in an item and you enter the name of the item into the search engine and press Enter.  Then, voila, the search engine returns to you thousands or millions of related pieces of information in a split moment, while you still type the item.  It does not matter to the search engine what you entered – an object’s name or a fantasy thought.  Both are energy signals to the search engine. 

The search engine is neutral.  It does not care and does not pass judgment on the item you asked for.  Better yet, the search engine does not care if what you search is “true” or “false”.  If you did not get what you want – you modify your search terms and click Enter again.

When you get what you asked from the search engine, you receive it in the form of links leading you to your desired objective.  With the links to the information you can now proceed, assemble, and manifest your objective.  You literally get a map with turn by turn directions to reach your destination, if that is a place that you asked for.  If you didn’t get want you want, you modify again your search term – you then keep searching (obsessively) until you get what you want.

By doing this we become co-creators of our new desired reality and the new reality starts to manifest and take shape around us.  Now that we think about “it”, (whatever “it” may be), we start to see and perceive evidence for it all around us.  When we perceive the factual empiric evidence for “it”, we start to believe that “it” is “truly” our empiric reality.

The Law of Attraction is a neurophysiologic mental phenomenon that matches our target seeking thoughts with the corresponding components of empiric reality – the desired reality that matches our original thought.

The mindset of the Law of Attraction is a higher state of awareness

If the thinker holds contradictory doubts about the desired outcome (this ‘new reality’), or changes the description of the objective in mid—process, their central nervous system enters a state of confusion and will not deliver the desired outcome until the objective is clearly defined.  Clarity of thoughts facilitates manifestation.

Thus, repeated thinking and vivid imagination of a desired (or undesired) situation eventually compels and inevitably manifests in the external surrounding reality of the thinker.

#                  #                  #

The third attribute to consider is: The Law of Attraction is selfish.

You cannot stay neutral facing this last statement.  You have to agree or disagree at your own peril.  The Law of Attraction is selfish in that it acts in the manner that it acts in order to preserve itself.

For example, we employ the Law of Attraction to fulfill our basic needs – food and shelter.  The Law of Attraction supports our survival needs.

You must maintain an open mind to internalize the statements above. 

Let me repeat again that the Law of Attraction is selfish. 

See, whatever the products of the Law of Attraction are – the preponderance of the results is almost always in favor of the original expected manifestation.  

If the manifestation is delayed, it was delayed because the thinker harbored a doubt, or was confused, or lacked clarity while conceiving the desired outcome. 

Hence – the Law of Attraction always lands right on the target it was given.

Since the preponderance of outcomes are in favor of the Law of Attraction by manifesting what was asked of it, then the Law of Attraction ends up as the winning party of a pair of binary choices – manifest or null.  On the long run folks who think and act in alignment with the Law of Attraction score more “wins” (manifesting their objective) than nulls. 

People, who serially manifested material objects, are then materially wealthier than other average people. 

For people whose manifested objective was an intangible notion then are greater in wisdom, or rich in psychic income. 

When peoples’ goal is health and longevity, they learn and find ways and methods to attract health and attain cure and live a longer life span than other people.

The self-preserving bias of the Law of Attraction is discernible as the manifesting people live longer, invent, co-create more, add value and propagate the intelligence of the Law of Attraction as a by-product during their successful lifetime. 

Compelling evidence is demonstrated in the lives of the teachers of the Law of Attraction, most of whom made great fortunes by propagating the ultimate awareness mind-set and skills of the Law of Attraction.

This self-preserving nature of the Law of Attraction explains why it was already noted by early human generations, three millennia ago.

Once you are in agreement with, and internalized the explanation above you also realize how the Law of Attraction is selfish and self-preserving by favoring those folks who understand and live in alignment with its framework. 

Importantly, the Law of Attraction provides evolutionary advantage to those persons who innately understand how to benefit from it.

#                  #                  #

The fourth attribute is – the Law of Attraction creates and manifests into our reality with minimal or without time delay

If there seems to be a time lapse from mental conception to empiric manifestation, it is caused by our mental doubts and disbeliefs. 

Quoting William Shakespeare: “Our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”  (Measure for Measure).

Note that the personal feeling of “delay” in manifestation is due to our relative perception of time.  It is a result of the constrained human capacity to sense time. 

The Universe is always on time.  There is no “delay” in the Universe.  A “delay” of 100 years is a tiny blip in the chronology of our green and blue planet Earth, or in the chronology of the Universe.

#                  #                  #

The fifth attribute – the process of creation and manifestation is effortless

Indeed and in theory – manifestation is effortless
If manifestation comes about with difficulties and requires efforts, it is because we harbor mixed feeling, antagonistic thoughts, and doubts towards the goal, or the desired outcome.  The doubts and mixed feelings act like the slowing brakes on the process of assembling of the components that are required for manifestation.

We use sometimes the term “faith-based” in connection with the Law of Attraction.   The reason is that the Law of Attraction operates flawlessly and seamlessly when the thinker has complete confidence in the creative processes and therefore does not interfere with the process of manifestation.

#                  #                  #

Going back to the initial question – do you believe that the sun will rise tomorrow?  Are you sure it will rise tomorrow?  If you are sure then you can rely with certainty on the Law of Attraction to deliver.

For best results – do not second guess the Law of Attraction.  Just trust it to do what it does best – it manifests.

Are you open minded?

The mindset of the Law of Attraction has five attributes to keep in mind.  All five require open-mindedness.  All five require mental clarity and willingness to think different.  All five attributes are constitutive of the framework of the Law of Attraction.

© 2013, 2017, 2019, 2022  Mandy Lender MD 

No part of this manifesto may be copied, quoted or reproduced in any form without attributing express authorship to Mandy (Menahem) Lender MD.




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007 = 0 Built + 0 Better + 7 $ Gas

007 = 0 Built + 0 Better + 7 $ Gas.

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Due to high demand on the electricity supply grid power failures during summer days are common. Wait until a million electric vehicle charging stations are added to the faltering grid.

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The Just shall live by his faith

The Jerk lives by his folly

The Just shall live by his faith goes back 2700 years ago to Habakkuk 2:4, then repeated twice by St. Paul: Romans 1:17 & Galatians 3:11.

The Just man is a “righteousness” man, (tzedekah) and “justice” (mishpat). He is attuned to the right thing and actually does it. “Tzedaka” is charity.  Hence the Just man is a righteous charitable man.

Who is the Jerk?  In America it is an annoying, stupid or foolish person.

A person can only be a Just or a Jerk.

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A useful idiot is a term for a person that propagandizes for a cause without comprehending the cause’s goals, and is cynically used by the cause’s leaders.

Useful idiots don’t use their mind to exercise critical thinking.

Useful idiots are not aware that they are useful idiot.
Or else, if a useful idiot would know that they are used as a useful idiot they would break out from their useful idiot status.

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INSURGENCY: How Republicans Lost Their Party and… (war started in Europe)

INSURGENCY: How Republicans Lost Their Party and… (war started in Europe)

One more book in the publishing business model that is inspired by Trump’s presidency.

Fact: This book was written by the New York Times journalist Jeremy W. Peters, and released on February 8, 2022.  I was not surprised that this book was declared as the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITORS’ CHOICE”.

What would you expect?

As I pointed out in previous blogs and other book reviews, the publishing industry that was created by the presidency of Donald Trump is a bonanza to the book publishing houses. Crown and Random House publishing and its subsidiaries are still publishing “Trump Books”… Never mind that the present president is drifting daily towards involvement of The U.S. in the military adventure, in Eastern Europe, that has no end in sight.

This is a 400 pages book. It is referenced with named and unnamed, reliable and unreliable sources.  Based, among other – 300 interviews as source-references. Some of the unnamed sources provided the author with “a document”. 

“A document” without a title and without a named source.

In clinical sciences reports, a reference like that is labeled as “private communication”, not as scientific finding. But hey, politics and journalism are not medical sciences.

Again, the boundary between journalism and gossip reporting has fine line, often plainly invisible.

Mr. Peters learned this genre of book writing from the prolific Washington Post famed journalist Bob Woodward.

The book opens with an imaginary description of an unrelated event from 2008:
Air Force One broke through the dense layer of clouds over Fairbanks on its descent into Eielson Air Force Base, a sprawling, remote outpost in the most remote state in the union.

Poetic, but hardly based on factual weather conditions during that flight. Elsewhere other presidential journalisst likes to embellish their writing with sugar frosting-like descriptive details.

This book claims to be a historical review of the Republican Party.  Others will evaluate it for Republican Party related historical details.  It may serve as another selective source of information for future students of the American political system as it happened in the early 2000s.

But the author can’t avoid to repeatedly getting stories linked to Trump who is, for now, the retired U.S. president.


And the author dislikes Trump. 

So his best approach is to compare Trump to Hitler.

The author brings in the famed Hitler propagandist, Helene “Leni” Reifenstahl.  She directed in the 1930s the Nazi propaganda films that received worldwide attention and acclaim.
No other than the New York Times’ film critic Hal Ericson wrote:

“Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl prefers to concentrate on cheering crowds, precision marching, military bands, and Hitler’s climactic speech, all orchestrated, choreographed and illuminated on a scale that makes Griffith and DeMille look like poverty-row directors”.  Better yet, she made the Time magazine front cover in 1936.

There is nothing more emotionally energizing in a journalist’s armamentarium than comparing someone to Hitler. And Jeremy W. Peters does it well. (Chapter 8 titled – “That’s Hitler!”).


Then the book has a big problem. This book is outdated.

It was released on February 8, 2022, yet 16 days later the sitting president, Joe Biden turned himself into a wartime president. – The war against Russia.  It is a war between the U.S. and Russia where the battle ground is in Ukraine.

Trump may be involved in an insurgency. Congress is still collecting sworn testimonials. That chapter in history is still being written.

Trump is an extrovert. Trump, to his credit, proved to be a shrewd negotiator with other international leaders – friends and foes alike. It was repeatedly said on him that is unhinged. He was allegedly called a moron.

Today we are in a different era and the U.S is led by a president who appears to have demonstrable cognitive lapses while in public.

NOTE: No foreign war started during Trump’s presidency.

Little note: This book is expensive. So I borrowed a copy from my friendly public library.

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Mysticism in Chess Created by Baruch Lender: The Single Idea That Changed Chess Composition Forever.

This is a blog about the great mind behind the Lender Combinations.

One of the most interesting combinations in chess composition is the one with reversed key.

 The idea of reversing a key is simple: instead of moving a piece to attack or to cover a square, we can move it away from the square.

The novelty was introduced by the now famous Israeli chess composer Baruch Lender, (1913-1994). It was published in1979 as a two-mover showing, for the first time, a combination of exchanged key and threat with mates in both passes.

According to the definition this is actually the combination of themes: Reversal and le Grand.

Despite the originality of thematic paradox, his composition was not adequately rewarded in tourney, and therefore this new combination remained unnoticed for a while.   

The only consolation for the inventor is if the invention becomes recognizable by his or her name as was the case with the “Reversal+le Grand” blend which is nowadays known as the Lender Combinations.

The recognition and the glory came many years later by many other chess problems.


The question posited: is it a Combination or a Paradox?

One answer was: Reverser Grand Contradiction. This blog points to – around the rare but amusing and fascinating series of moves that surprisingly looks like they shouldn’t work.

Is the idea of exchanging the key in chess a combination or a paradox? In my opinion, it is an innovative combination. How did I reach this conclusion? A key’s objective of duties is to defend a specific square. The key moves with the intent to attack and/or defend a receiver of threat from an enemy piece positioned on a particular square. If we move the key away from that original square leaving an exposed square, thus creating a threatening mate if we don’t

In the a publication (On the Threshold of a New Era in Chess Composition), we discovered that there are only 9 key-definitions.

We have shown that by combining these keys with different threats, it is possible to build many new types of combinations.   In fact, all of the chess combination themes are based on this idea.

In future blogs we will explain this point by showing how a specific key-definition may be combined with a threat to create new types of combinations.  We will show that only one or two themes are needed to create all other types of combinations.

The Original Lender Combination


www.lendercombinations.com www.mandylender.com www.mandylender.net www.minnarozen.co.il

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The Israeli composer Baruch Lender, (1913-1994), published in1979 a two-mover showing, for the first time, a combination of exchanged key and threat with mates in both passes. According to the definition this is actually the combination of themes Reversal and le Grand.

The Original Lender Combination 1979

Despite the originality of thematic paradox, His composition was not adequately rewarded in tourney, and therefore this new combination remained unnoticed.  To make the injustice even bigger, the problem didn’t find its place in the FIDE Album.  This is only one of countless examples where authors of new themes have gained little benefit from their inventions, and the glory is many years later collected by others.  The only consolation for the inventor is if the invention become recognizable by his or her name as was the case with the Reversal+le Grand blend which is nowadays known as the Lender Combination.

http://www.lendercombinations.com www.mandylender.net

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I have always had the viewpoint that every situation is a learning opportunity.

~ Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM


We learn from each other. 
When alone, we hear only ourselves – we hear our self-talk.

Many of us get to go to school.    Others are not that fortunate and don’t get to go to school with a structured organized curricula.

In order to expand our mind we learn from each other. We must learn from each other.

So what do we learn?

If we go to school we are taught what someone else chose to teach us. Usually a committee of a certain bias, ideology or religion decides what we should learn. Elective schooling topics are not a common choice.  Sadly, the choices of schooling are left to the political establishment that controls the school systems.

Some folks don’t want to learn.  In that case their schooling choices are irrelevant.  I met a few who can’t write.  They can’t sign their name.
Literacy is not universal skill. Some folks are literally illiterate by their own choice.

Life Experience is rarely a subject taught in any school that I’m aware of.  There is a rare college that teaches Life Skills as a curricular course.  No Ivy League university confers a degree for life experience. I used to believe that going to school and earning a degree is the only key to success.  I lived in my error for many years.

We can be self-taught. Being autodidacts is not an efficient way to learn. It’s more efficient to learn from the past experience of others.


At the other end of the panoramic human perspectives are many people who see learning opportunities everywhere.  Least of all places they find their learning opportunities in an establishment accredited school.

These folks recognized that Life University exists all around them.

In recent years I realized that I’ve been attending one such Life University for over thirty years.

Where is my Life University?

I’m a registered frequent flyer on commercial airlines for over thirty years. For the last twenty-three years I commuted using commercial air-travel twice weekly.  It adds up from ninety to one hundred airplane boarding, (or more), every calendar year.  

It costs a bundle.  But the benefits of doing it were rewarding.

All commercial airlines incentivize their customers to be their loyal frequent flyers.
The customer invests in his airline account by buying real flight tickets with real money. Then the loyal customer accumulates “miles” or “points”.

There are bank affiliated-credit cards and other opportunities for acquiring consumer goodies. In return the customer may get rebates, class of travel upgrades; “miles” earned that can be used for purchasing “stuff”.  The airlines reward “miles” and “points” for every dollar spent using their bank affiliated credit cards. There are airline benefits to be given to their devoted customer – clubs – regular clubs – and… higher class clubs. (Even “mile high clubs”.)


Besides the financial costs in money spent on ticket purchase there is another expense and it is called – valuable time of life spent in airports.

Every method of travel costs time.  Wasting time on common flight delays or worse than that, flight cancellations is immeasurable in terms of dollars.  

Waiting at airport gates, because of flight delays or cancellations, costs irreplaceable human life.


Every frequent air traveler agrees that there is idle time going to waste.

So what do frequent flyers to do?

Every frequent flyer carries a laptop or a tablet. Frequent flyers read books. Watch movies.  Watch YouTube. They try to do productive work like going through email.    

They make business phone calls that are overheard by fellow-flying customers.  Airlines’ clubs provide quiet office space and few provide a “Quiet Room” for deep rest and meditation. Despite all of that physical weariness reduces life and work productivity.

I’m always aware of my non-productive time wasted during air travel episode. 

For years I kept asking myself what can I do to be productive in the airport during air travel wait-time.  I found many things I can do.  Some of them were mentioned above.


All forms of travel are transformational.

The intelligent flyer should be a mentally wakeful traveler.

When I recognized that travel is educational, I started to keep my eyes and ears open in the airports. I became wakefully aware of everything.



I recognized that travel is an educational experience, so I started to observe the architecture and resourceful engineering that is involved in construction and maintenance of airport terminals. Then there are the seasonal decorations to watch and take photos.

People watching are my most rewarding activity. I watch people in the airport.  People watching mean the travelers and airport employees.

I take photos of anything I find interesting – anything that is stationary or anybody that is moving.  I hardly go through an airport these days without posting on social media something odd or interesting that catches my eyes.

Get this: everything I encounter in an airport is now a learning experience to me.  I regard airports as an ethnographic laboratory.  I carry with me a spiral bound notebook where I note my observations.


Facts and Figures:

Until March 2020, I went twice weekly through O’Hare airport in Chicago.  In the calendar year 2018, more than 79 million passengers passed through this airport. Divided by 365 days – over 216,000 passengers on the average went through the airport every day. 

On an average day 9,000 passengers were going through every hour!

Those passengers are coming and going to and from every corner of the world, of every age group, of any gender. They are each clothed differently. Different face coverings… Their skin colors are different. Different nose shapes, earrings and footwear…. Different hair styles…  They carry different objects.  They travel with their cats and dogs.  They travel with their children.  Some children are crying on the plane and off the plane.  When the children cry, they cry loudly.

What if I had a chance to talk to them and find out something about who they are.

What if a stranger in the airport tries to talk to me?  

I ask what book they read.  (A relatively safe question to ask a stranger…).  What’s the model of their cellphone?  Are they having a tight connection? What gadget are they using to take pictures outside the plane window? (That’s how I first learned about the GoPro camera).


Major airlines provide a lounge to their loyal customers.  For a fee that is.  Nothing is free… But the customers can pay with their saved frequent flyer “miles”.   What you get in the lounge is a relatively quiet atmosphere, personal work areas, and conference rooms. There is access to printing and fax services and Wi-Fi.  But that’s just clerical stuff. 

Food or light snacks are served and alcoholic drinks offered for a fee. There are newspapers, magazines or light promotional life-style periodicals. What’s in the magazines?  Opportunities. Ideas how to spend money on fancy gadgets. Where to go on luxury trips, and visit exotic places around the globe that only few know where their location are.  There are ideas for investments, advanced education, corporate leadership and sales training courses. What’s available is available is mostly free, except the booze.

You meet new people who are generally frequent flyers and may want to engage in conversation.  Maybe some business deals are followed through.


Lessons in Living Ethnography.

Get this. Because about 9,000 passengers were going through the airport every hour, then when you’re stuck for 4 hours because of flight delays you can meet 28,000 new “nomadic teachers”. You can meet potential business partners, customers, deal seeker or quick romantic dates.  Yes, there is such a thing as the proverbial “mile high club” in the skies.

I take photos of strange looking travelers, and unusual human situations.  Today, I walk through O’Hare’s terminals with my cell phone at hand ready to shoot photos of bizarre scenes or travelers.


Accidental Aeronautics 101 Course.

I have done over 2,200 airplane flight boarding on commercial aviation services and listened to inflight captains’ technical explanations and excuses as to why the flight is cancelled or delayed or requires mechanical last-minute repair. I’ve gained industry’s passive ‘expertise’ in planes flight worthiness.


During the flight, I use my idle time to read. I complete Sudoku puzzles. I read, and then I write notes. I edit my perpetual “to do list”…

While airborne some years ago a passenger seated next to me was immersed in reading a book.  I peeked sideways. The title was – ‘The Da Vinci Code’. That was the page turner for the era.

During one of my flights a man seated next to me was wearing a Sikh head cover. He was reading a book that I could tell is some form of Hindu like characters. I asked him what language it is and he gladly told me that it is Bengali language. To me Bengali and Hindu look alike…  He continued to explain that it is a poetry book by Rabindranath Tagore.  And there he showed me Tagore’s portrait. 

I was happy to tell him that I heard of Tagore who was the first non-European poet-philosopher to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.  If you haven’t heard of Tagore read the entry bearing his name in Wikipedia.


While I mention books, Barbara’s Book Store has three outlets at the airport.  When getting stuck one time because of a lengthy flight delay I bought practical books of interest.


Ethos of the University of Life

Disclaimer: the following text was authored by my doppelganger – my AI agent.

My University of Life is a half hour drive from home. The University of Life has runways.  Some are surrounded by corn fields, or flat Midwest pastures. In the University of Life we learn lessons on how to deal with people. How to make new friends. How to build relationships. How to work with everyone. We see things in the raw turn into art. We see poor people, rich people, and middle class people trying to make their way in this world. We meet budding politicians at the airport and we recognize them long before we saw their faces on television.

We meet celebrities who are always willing to pose for a joint photo.

At one time I met the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr.. Another time I met Steve Harris, all were eager to pose for me.

The University of Life is an airport with people who are traveling. As university students they are constantly on the move, growing and learning from experience. The University is a place where you can apply life concepts to real life situations.

The airport as a university campus is a polytechnic, with a workshops and labs, where we learn airport architecture, engineering, airport operations. We learn airplane models and construction. We learn from the pilots flying conditions, directions and air-worthiness.  We learn about the mechanics and design of planes, and how to navigate and maintain them. We learn everything we need to know about airplanes from the pilots who fly them every day.

The airport is a place of education. It’s an environment where you learn all there is to know about the aviation industry. Here, you’ll pick up on weather patterns, airplane models, and air-worthiness. You’ll be able to study each new plane that lands with ease for this new knowledge will come naturally.

The University of Life is a collection of real and intellectual property that assist in the process of learning from travel. A certificate from this university is never revoked as it is a forever record of opportunity travel experiences. It documents international travel experiences. The goal of the projects is to learn what it means to be a citizen of this planet.

Waiting at the airport is the period to think. It’s an opportune time to meditate. We learn languages by listening to travelers speak in their native tongue. It is also a place to which we can come and go at any time.

The University of Life is an unmatched learning experience.  We encourage everyone to take the lessons learned and use it to improve their lives. It doesn’t matter if we acquire them at a college degree program or the University of Life. We must learn from observation, testing and occasional failure.

You learn how to travel on your own. We want you to gain the skills that let you go everywhere on your own. We are not interested in making “students”. You learn to be skilled travelers. Our classes teach you the mechanics of travel, which will lead you to learn about physics, which will give insight into the universe. By learning about the Big Bang, the formation of solar systems, other galaxies, and life beyond our earth, you will become a better traveler.

Our goal is to teach you about the world. To equip you with the practical skills that can help you travel to different countries, speak foreign languages, laws & rules, cultural customs. We will also teach you how to take trips without money.

We are not interested in mass production of clones, but rather providing development for humans who will be able to go places on their own.

Freedom to go independently is the essence of our existence.

We want you to be able to travel abroad on your own, during and after graduation. The main aim of this perpetual MBA program is a small batch assembly of human beings. This will help you develop skills necessary to go places on your own. A large number of students who come here are interested in international trade, large firms that do business globally, and various other fields that cater to clients worldwide. The airport offers an experiential MBA program.

The first goal is to inspire you to be more curious about the world. To help you learn how to travel with an open mind. If you are interested in learning to speak foreign languages – you will understand what makes people tick in different countries.

Our second goal is to help you by showing you the world. We teach you how to plan a trip, how to pack for your trip, how to navigate a new city, and yes, even how to order from a foreign menu.

The airport is not a place you would go to enjoy the joy of flying or to relax and unwind; it is a place that will demand your attention and effort.

We are all learning how to live our lives by going through life lessons each day.  Lessons in ethnography, business, engineering, relationships, compassion, communications, and law and order. 

It’s all about never-ending discovery of life’s infinite secrets.

Mandy stands on a floatplane wing in Alaska

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