The reason we ask for something is because we believe it will make us feel better or we will be better persons.

People always go after what they really want.  Always.  Really.  They move towards it even if it is ever so slightly.  Even if they say otherwise.

We don’t get anywhere in life by sitting still.

The Law of Attraction is the mental process of creation.  Creativity that materializes is the source of things manifested.  Desires breed creativity and creativity manifests in to empiric things.

The definition of the Law of attraction is – the manifested results of the creative process of the human mind.

The Law of Attraction is just an eponym for the creative outcomes of the human mind.

The philosopher and sociologist Walter Isaac Thomas is the author of Thomas Theorem (1923):

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

Interpretation of a situation causes the action. This interpretation is subjective. Actions are inspired by the subjective perceptions of situations that bring about new results.

The practical lesson is: whatever you are inspired to build in life, now is the time to make it happen.


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Hofstra University – is a Master Attractor.

When I wrote five years ago my blog titled: “Who Is A Master Attractor?” I had in mind, people; individual people. Persons, each as a Master Attractor.  Now I reconsidered my notional definition to include organizations.  Organizations are made up of people.

Hofstra is a mid-sized university with 11,870 students in ten schools. In the fall of 2011, the university welcomed the first class of students in its new Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine. In 2012, it established its School of Engineering and Applied Science.  Its endowment is a modest $411 million.  Of its notable alumni I could identify two:  Francis Ford Coppola and…   Bernard Madoff…

However the university has a visionary talented president – Stuart Rabinowitz.

In 2008 he saw an opportunity to host on campus a presidential election debate. In 2012 he repeated the effort and hosted a second presidential debate.

From then on, Hofstra U. gradually acquired a celebrity stature – it started to attract presidential scholars and past White House officials.  HU has now established itself in the field of American presidential politics, presidential historians and scholars.

Based on his past experience Stuart Rabinowitz made it known that if something will go wrong with 2016 debate preparation in another university campus, HU will be available and ready as alternate site if others may fail.  And so it happened,. Last July When Wright University cancelled its plans to host the debate, HU took on the challenge.

The student body enthusiastically volunteered to serve as event staff and help thousands of journalists, and video/TV media anchors and producers.   Past experience on the campus facilitated the transformation of the campus to one big, live political science laboratory.  Construction and conversion of facilities and arena into TV studios happened on time.  HU campus was festooned with Hofstra banners and posters.   Since the fall semester began two weeks ago, campus speakers have included Gov. Bobby Jindal, Democratic strategist David Axelrod, Pulitzer Prize-winner Eugene Robinson and Stephen F. Hayes, a Fox News personality.

“The educational benefits for students are the primary reason why we do this,” said Hofstra U spokeswoman Karla Schuster.

Is that all?  What about the Hofstra U marketing opportunities?  Today on the debate day all I see is the media – TV, radio, print and SM giving their full relentless attention to Hofstra University campus, to its students and to the dignitaries in and around HU campus.  HU blue banners are everywhere.  Global HU brand identity.

It is estimated that 100 million TV viewers in the U.S and around the world, will watch and see HU today, all day.  A marketing bonanza to a relatively medium size university, whose only claim to fame is live quadrennial presidential debates.

Get this: A dream come true to any university marketing and development office.  Anywhere.  Free national and international TV HU brand advertising.  HU probably made a profit from facilities and utilities rental.

And this is just the beginning.  The university development office will continue to solicit and harvest charitable gifts from the generous media viewership for years to come.

College freshmen will find that admission to HU has now grown very competitive.  The HU political science professors will find many appearances invitations at their doorstep and book publishing offers with royalties advance.

Going back to the Master Attractor.

The criteria are:

  • A Master Attractor is a person who draws a large number of fans, admirers, or devotees.
  • A Master Attractor creates new value in the domains of technologies, health and welfare.
  • A Master Attractor is perceived as a spiritual or inspirational source by society.
  • A Master Attractor manifests material abundance through ethical means.

The original criteria are fulfilled by HU – the Master Attractor.  HU is a Master Attractor even if it is a collective of organized people.  All it required was  leadership by one mind with a vision – the university president – Stuart Rabinowitz.


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The amazing Bernadette Roberts (b. 1931, an existentialist-philosopher, psychologist and theologian), tells the following anecdote:

Some food for thought: Some time ago, listening to the quiz show Jeopardy, one of the questions was:

“What is the name of the German psychiatrist who had a patient say to him, “Doctor, I have no self?”

No one on the panel knew the answer – which turned out to be “Doctor Alois Alzheimer”.

For people who want to get rid of their “self” at least, Alzheimer’s might be one way to go.”

Here are some thoughts for historians, physicians and other academics.

Is the “self” nothing but a sum total of past memories?

Can a human being without a “self”, survive physically?

Is there a “self” in the absence of memory?

Can there be a leader without a “self”?

Would there be human “history” if persons will not have each an individual “self”?

Are leaders who have an over-sized “self” narcissistic by default?

What form will civilization take if Alzheimer’s disease will transform into a contagious epidemic?



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Life is everyone’s fantasized invention.  But that is what everyone desires for themselves.

It’s not your parents, it’s not the government, and it’s not even your prophets.

You are the prophet of your life and your life is… your self-fulfilling prophesy.

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A ten minutes video that reviews how we are born with limitless self-confidence, how we lose and how we can re-gain it.

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The game of testing the Law of Attraction.
Here is a video about the Law of Attraction:

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Never go blank again  

Even the best public speakers go blank some times.  Their mind freezes.  As we have seen it happens to Marco Rubio.   He repeated a scripted sentence 4-5 times, while trying to figure out what to say next.  Search it on YouTube.

Getting overwhelmed on ocassion by another adversarial speaker is inevitable.

The point is – how do we react to it?

We can be overwhelmed and speechless or we can pick up our personal message and resume fast forward.

How can we strike out this potential humiliating experience from our lives?

Recall the collective wisdom – you must have a 30 seconds personal pitch.  We each must know who we are, what we want, and how we want to get it.

Today’s lesson is about adding one more, well defined, personal talking point.

It’s a follow up 60 seconds Plan B message after the first pitch.

Here is the framework of how we do it:

First,  Plan A – we state to our listeners our 30 seconds pitch.

The 30 seconds pitch consists of about 20-24 words – 3 short sentences:

  • I’m – Your Name – from Saginaw MI.
  • My aim – your goal or objective – that you are striving at.
  • What I’m doing now to achieve it or get there.

You may call it my USP.

Example Pitch: I’m Mandy Lender the author of The Vision of HabakkuK.  I’m here marketing my book.  I’m going next on a TV tour.  (22 words). 

In the unlikely event that you subsequently go blank or get interrupted:

STOP right here.  Don’t let your fear emotion ruin your composure. .

The worst consequence of a bad presentation is losing a relationship, or not getting a desired job, or losing an election … So…it’s none is a death sentence.

What can you do:

  • AVOID perfectionism.
  • SCAN the room, scan the audience.
  • REVIEW your notes if you have notes or time.
  • REFLECT the question or interruption to the audience. Ask the audience.

If it was a question the audience will provide the answer for you.  You repeat it.

Second. Your prepared Plan B —  That is a scripted pitch B

Tell A Story.  There is your prepared a follow up pitch!

Tell a 30-40 seconds prepared story!

The prepared story must be:

  • Personal
  • Emotional
  • Relatable to the topic and the audience.

The story should last 30-40 seconds.

Next part is the lesson learned from the story – 10-20 seconds.

The last part is a Call for Action.

EXAMPLE STORY:  In 2011, I attended a marketing convention in LAX.  I had there a table to sell my books.  On Saturday evening I was told that the promoter wants me to go on stage tomorrow morning, Sunday, and speak for 5 minutes. I started to think.  I could walk on stage brandishing my book talking about the LOA.  Instead I went on stage carrying the hotel Gideons Bible and preached Hab. 2:1-4.   It was now a Sunday morning sermon to a group of 300 (mostly atheist) marketers.  The lesson is that I found out that I am always ready to preach the gospel even if the Pope walks into this room.   And BTW: I recommend to you to study my book on how to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!   

I guarantee you that at this point you regained your composure and you are ready to resume your HUUUGE epic presentation.  So, go git’em.

Shh… Don’t tell anyone, if all else fails try a P-word (Dang it).

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