Zen is a word difficult to grasp.  In fact many of us may never understand it completely in our present life time.  Zen is a mindset.

The word Zen originated in Chinese Ch’an Buddhism.  Conceived earlier in the Mahayana movement, introduced into China in the 6th century a.d. and into Japan in the 12th century.

Zen is a certain kind of understanding of the world around us.  Zen is not a religion – it is a philosophy.

Zen has more than one definition.  One of the many definitions says:

Zen emphasizes enlightenment of the student by the most direct possible means, accepting formal studies and observances when they form part of such means.

The words “to concentrate“ or “to think deliberately”, may meet the intent of Zen or being in the Zen.

However, we add the descriptor word – “Effortless”.  Being in the Zen is thinking deliberately and effortlessly.  “Simplicity” is also part of the Zen state of mind.

Zen is not a work process or a goal achievement.  You cannot “bust ass” (work very hard) and be in the Zen at the same time.

Remember these three principles of Zen:

Enlightenment.      Studies.      Observances.


Most teachers of Zen do not understand Zen.  Thus, I’m not teaching you.  I only share with you my thoughts.

I study.  I observe and I seek Enlightenment.

You can attract and manifest.  But there is a price to pay during manifesting into existence – it is obliviousness to everything else other than the objective. That is because attracting and manifesting can be slavery.


The Tao in chapter 1 addresses two things: the eternal name that cannot be named. And following it – the issue of manifestation.

“Free from desire, you realize the mystery.

Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations”

My lesson is: I can manifest.  But the price I pay when manifesting is existence in oblivion to everything else, other than the objective.

Knowing how to manifest is not enlightenment – it is knowledge.  Enlightenment and knowledge are different from each other.

Enlightenment may result sometimes in manifesting in the Zen spirit.

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This should be your mindset:

  • First, go after what you want. Otherwise, you’ll never have it.
  • Second, ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, the answer is no.
  • Third, step forward. Otherwise you’ll remain in the same spot.



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Just released, definitive text:



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Last week we studied Chapter Two of the Tao, where the Tao teaches us that “the Master acts without doing anything”.  Nonetheless, “things arise and she let them come”.

I find it difficult oftentimes to sit and do nothing while expecting that something will materialize – manifest itself just by the energy of the thought.

Today I turned to Chapter Three of the Tao and there I find the same counsel again:

“Practice not doing

and everything will fall into place”.

(Tao Chapter 3, last verse)

So counter-intuitive and yet the Tao is unmistakably clear – practice not doing.  Do not act – stay in the Zen.

Tonight I am faced with two dilemmas.  The first has to do with personal relationship.  In that case – I decided to not act, it can wait. I am not the only one in this relationship. There is another party to the equation.

The second dilemma is a business decision – in this case I remain undecided – I don’t have to do or act on Saturday night.  I’ll see how I feel about it Monday morning. Not doing is paradoxically a form of… acting.

In the meantime let’s have a Zen weekend.


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Do we need to do something in order to manifest?

The Tao tells us that the Master acts without doing anything.

This is contrary to what we are used to think.  We are used to set a goal and write it down.  Next we are told to set a deadline for the goal.  And next we better act on our goal.

According to the Tao the process is different.

Therefore the Master acts without doing anything

and teaches without saying anything.

Things arise and she let them come;

Things disappear and she lets them go.

She has but she doesn’t possess,

Acts but doesn’t expect.

When her work is done, she forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever.

(Tao Te Ching Chapter 2)

The master acts without doing anything.

How is that ?

Things come and go.  You have it all but you do not possess any of it.

Teaching: act but without doing.

When you act – do not expect.  If you act and expect you set a dead-line.  When you set a dead-line you might not be around to see it manifested.

Teaching: avoid time expectation.  Do not set deadlines.

Note: The last two lessons out of the Tao are counter-intuitive and contradict the teachings of the Master Attractor.  Yet it’s all true and all integral part of the Attractome.

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The Tao in chapter 1 addresses two things: the eternal name that cannot be named.

And following it – the issue of manifestation.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.

Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations

arise from the same source.

This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.

The gateway to all understanding.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 1

There are two interesting teachings in this chapter.

First, the Tao admits that desire triggers manifestation.  You know what you want, you see what you want and you are bound to manifest it.  How the manifestation comes about is ignored by the Tao.   The mechanics of manifestation are not important. The machinery of manifestation is taken for granted by the Tao.

Teaching: Manifestation takes care of itself.  Do not be bothered by the details.

The second teaching is that the manifestation arises “mysteriously” from the “Source”.   The Source is engulfed in the darkness.  Once you accept the fact the Source is not seen, yet it exists, then you entered the gateway to all understanding.

Teaching: Manifestation is a secondary by-product of the wider process.

The ultimate essence of Zen Attraction & Manifestation is giving up the insatiable need to attract or manifest.

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Here is an urban legend about Donald Trump the negotiator (well it may be really true):

                                     NEGOTIATING WITH DONALD TRUMP
When Trump purchased and rebuilt Mar-A-Lago, the grand mansion and estate in Palm Beach, Florida, he got into a dispute with the city fathers who are well known for being strict on zoning regulations.
Trump put up a 50-foot flag pole even though 30 feet is the maximum allowed.
The city imposed a $1,000 per day fine while Trump and city argued back and fourth. Finally, when the fine had reached a total of $120,000 Trump proposed a solution.  He would donate that amount to veteran’s organizations, would move the flag to a different spot in front of the mansion, and would only use a 30 foot flag pole.

The city agreed so Trump brought in the company that does his golf course construction, had them build a 20-foot high grassy hill, and put the 30-foot flag pole on top of that.

Wonder how the “deal” with Iran would look with this guy managing the “negotiations”, instead of candy-ass Kerry and Obama?

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