The legendary British actor, Sir Laurence Olivier (1907-1989) was considered a genius.  He once said:

I’d like people to remember me for a diligent expert workman. I think a poet is a workman. I think Shakespeare was a workman. And God’s a workman. I don’t think there’s anything better than a workman. “
I fully agree that the life-time work of Olivier could be considered divine.  Although I am not convinced that he was so close to God – one notch below William Shakespeare.  His third wife the actress Dame Joan Ann Plowright opined: “If a man is touched by genius, he is not an ordinary person.  He doesn’t lead an ordinary life.  He has extremes of behaviour which you understand and you just find a way not to be swept overboard by his demons.”

Indeed Sir Laurence listed examples of creative “workman” persons as himself and Shakespeare.  Then he mentioned the obvious – the source of all creativity – God.  Because of his closeness to poets and playwrights he mentioned Shakespeare, both a poet and playwright.

Men and women of all trades and arts are capable of creativity, they are co-creators indisputably – co-creators.

Take the genius composers of music:  Bach, Beethoven and Brahms who were genius creators – workmen.  How about painters like Picasso and architects like Erich Mendelsohn, Frank Lloyd Wright and Daniel Burnham (FLW created in my own neighborhood).

Two points:

Any “workman” as Sir Laurence referred to is a co-creator, be it a carpenter or an executive chef.

Better yet, we are all born with the gift to align our life with the Law of Attraction.  If we do so, we can create, we can co-create, we can pro-create.  All we need to do is recognize that this gift is within us and align with it for the betterment of ourselves and mankind.



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