A Bucket List is an entertaining way to enjoy life.

The term Bucket List was made popular by the 2007 movie The Bucket List…  (With Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman).  It consists of a list of things a person wants to accomplish before he or she passes away.  Commonly the items are said to be fun things to do or experience.  You can decide to do serious things too.  You can get a degree, or run for elected public office…   Fun stuff usually involves travel to exotic destinations, attending the World Series, meeting a celebrity, conducting an orchestra or skiing in the Himalayas.

The beauty of a Bucket List is that you don’t have to worry how to accomplish or experience the items on your list.  The implementation is left for the Law of Attraction to actually manifest.  A Bucket List proves the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction and how it works.

You must do one thing yourself – you must write your own Bucket List.  You can’t have it done for you by others…

Here are three ‘how to do’ tips:
1. Take the time and write down on paper your Bucket List.  Date it.  Your list can have as many items as you wish.  There are no trivial goals.  Go for it.  If a goal seems expensive or complicated or improbable still write it down.  The Universe has its own infinite sources to make it happen.  Save your list.

2. Share with your friends and family any items that are on your Bucket List.  It’s recommended that you share it with strangers too.  Research your wish on the internet and follow your gut feeling if you are inspired to take action.  Just do it.

3. Return to your Bucket List every six months or so to mark a “V” on items that already manifested.

Note: Enjoy the fun of the process.  In my upcoming book “The Master Attractor” you will find a thorough explanation why the Bucket List tends to self-fulfill its contents.  Until then dig into my blog under the category “Law of Attraction” and catch many hints on how the Bucket List utilizes the Law of Attraction to manifest: .

If you have questions about a Bucket List, write them as a comment below or e-mail me.

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