Eight things to keep in mind.
Battling metastatic cancer is an existential test to the patient and their family. It is a struggle to survive and overcome the cancer against the odds. Here are eight principles to attract healing in the face of metastatic cancer:

First – The patients must have the will to live.
The patient must want to recover. If the patient is not motivated to go through life that may feel like hell oftentimes then they lack the will to live.

Second, the patient must choose an oncologist who is positive about the prognosis. In a patient-physician relationship both must believe in the cure. The patient and the physician cannot be a mismatch. A physician who talks about a “5% chance” or “Five to six months left to live” is not going to bring neither healing nor cure. That physician already talks death.
Stay away from pessimistic physicians.

Third, seek healthcare in academic medical centers. Hospitals affiliated with medical school are at the cutting edge of medicine and medical research. They are teeming with young health professionals and researchers who are optimistic and vibrant. Seek cancer research institutes that do original work in medical genomics and epigenetics. They are capable in a growing number of cases to tailor special treatment against the specific cancer.

Fourth, look for competent surgeons. They are known as oncological surgeons. These surgeons are trained in laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques. Seek out radiation-oncologists who are at the cutting edge of the physics and medical sciences.

Fifth, ask the oncologist about the most new generation of drugs that are aimed specifically at the cancer cells. Those are genetically targeted medicines targeted to change the cancer genes at the sub-cellular level.

Sixth, seek to enroll in clinical trials which give cancer patients a chance to be treated with the most up-to-date, promising drugs that are not yet available on the free market.

Seventh, keep a written journal of your experience as a cancer patient. Write down your feelings, the explanations you are given by your healthcare team and the questions that enter your mind.

Lastly and most importantly, surround yourself with positive pro-cure mastermind alliance of health care professionals. A mastermind alliance promotes a progressive status – to the rank of being in the leading edge of creation – creating the cure – for you. Those are positive oncologists, nurse-oncologist, psychologist and spiritual counselors, or pastor. Spiritual support is critically important to keep your faith.
American Cancer Society:
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Cancer periodical for patients and families:


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