In this blog we explain why the Law of Attraction is both obsessive and compelling in its tendency to co-create and manifest.  We claim that the Law of Attraction is compelling people to act in alignment with the thoughts, aims or fantasies.  Unless the person hold opposing thoughts or diversionary thoughts or fantasies they will end up slowly or fast manifest it in their reality.  The process of manifestation is obsessive and compelling the person into action and acceptance of their new reality.   The new reality materializes even if they may not like what they conjured up.

In a previous blog we explained why the Law of Attraction is self-serving and self-preserving.  In order to manifest that which is self-serving the Law of Attraction shifts into an “obsessive gear” and compels the thinker to perform in a fashion is conducive to manifesting the obsession.

Let us explain how we account for the phenomenon of the Law of Attraction.

The essence of the process is that a thought once sparked in a human mind, starts thinking about it.   In due course, that thought spawns collateral thoughts.   We often call them associated thoughts, referred to commonly as “associations”.  Next, the new collateral associated thoughts spread throughout the mind as a ripple around the original thought.  The ripples of thoughts expand our consciousness to include the target idea that we wish to manifest in our reality.

Compare this mind process to your use of an internet search engine.  You are interested in an item and you enter the name of the item into the search engine and press Enter.  Then, voila, the search engine returns to you thousands or millions of related pieces of information in a split moment, or while you still type the item.  It does not matter to the search engine what you entered – an object’s name or a thought.  Both are energy signal to the search engine.

The search engine is neutral.  It does not care and does not pass judgment on the item you asked for information.  Better yet, the search engine does not care if what you search is “true” or “false”.  If you did not get want you want – you modify your search terms and try again.

When you get what you ask for from the search engine, you get it in the form of links leading you to your desired objective.  With the links to the information you now assemble and manifest your objective.  You literally get a map to your destination with turn by turn directions to your destination, if that is a place that you asked for.  If you didn’t get want you want, you modify again your search term – you then keep searching obsessively.

Thus, we become co-creators of our new reality and this new reality starts to manifest and take shape around us.  Now that we think about “it”, (whatever “it” may be), we start to see and perceive evidence for it all around us.  When we perceive the conscious evidence for “it”, we start to believe that “it” is truly our empiric reality.

The Law of Attraction is a neurophysiologic phenomenon that matches our target seeking thoughts with the corresponding components of reality – the reality that is in alignment with our original thought.   

If the thinker holds contradictory doubts about the desired outcome (the ‘new reality’), or changes the description of the objective, their central nervous system enters a state of confusion and will not deliver the desired outcome until the objective is clear.

Thus, repeated thinking and vivid imagination of a desired (or undesired) situation is eventually, compelling and inevitably manifested in the surrounding reality of the thinker.


© 2012-2013 Mandy Lender MD

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