Money magazine reported in its November 2013 issue that “Saving Money Makes You Sexier” (p.18).  This report quoted research results from the University of Michigan.  The gist is that savers are seen more sexually attractive than spenders. 

“What you are saving for, affects your appeal: saving for a home is sexier than saving for a home audio system.”  That is because being a spender signals lack of control, whereas saving implies self-control, which is highly desirable, reported to MoneyCNN, Jenny Olson one of the co-authors of the research.

I think that there is a problem in this research…  

Admittedly savers are more in control of themselves but probably trying to be in control of others too.  They are, as it is commonly said anal retentive…   

This brings another parameter in to the equation – persons in control are less likely to give of themselves when it comes to sexual activity… A person in control (money included), tries to remain in control in every situation.  More likely they’ll be in a saving mode when it comes to dispensing their sexual gifts… 

What do you think?


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