Last week we studied Chapter Two of the Tao, where the Tao teaches us that “the Master acts without doing anything”.  Nonetheless, “things arise and she let them come”.

I find it difficult oftentimes to sit and do nothing while expecting that something will materialize – manifest itself just by the energy of the thought.

Today I turned to Chapter Three of the Tao and there I find the same counsel again:

“Practice not doing

and everything will fall into place”.

(Tao Chapter 3, last verse)

So counter-intuitive and yet the Tao is unmistakably clear – practice not doing.  Do not act – stay in the Zen.

Tonight I am faced with two dilemmas.  The first has to do with personal relationship.  In that case – I decided to not act, it can wait. I am not the only one in this relationship. There is another party to the equation.

The second dilemma is a business decision – in this case I remain undecided – I don’t have to do or act on Saturday night.  I’ll see how I feel about it Monday morning. Not doing is paradoxically a form of… acting.

In the meantime let’s have a Zen weekend.


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