The reason we ask for something is because we believe it will make us feel better or we will be better persons.

People always go after what they really want.  Always.  Really.  They move towards it even if it is ever so slightly.  Even if they say otherwise.

We don’t get anywhere in life by sitting still.

The Law of Attraction is the mental process of creation.  Creativity that materializes is the source of things manifested.  Desires breed creativity and creativity manifests in to empiric things.

The definition of the Law of attraction is – the manifested results of the creative process of the human mind.

The Law of Attraction is just an eponym for the creative outcomes of the human mind.

The philosopher and sociologist Walter Isaac Thomas is the author of Thomas Theorem (1923):

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

Interpretation of a situation causes the action. This interpretation is subjective. Actions are inspired by the subjective perceptions of situations that bring about new results.

The practical lesson is: whatever you are inspired to build in life, now is the time to make it happen.


About Mandy Lender

Mandy Lender, MD is an author, physician, public speaker, volunteer and adventurer. He published two books and two more books are in progress. Links:
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