The Initiatives of the Absurd

This is the third blog post in the series of slaying the avoidance, negative attitude and recovering from the state of personal escapism or avoiding consequential life decisions. It requires activity. At the advanced level of recovery we demonstrate bold initiatives that may sound absurd. Call it initiatives of the absurd.

Make avoidance itself its own source of discomfort.
If the discomfort of avoiding is greater than the discomfort of dealing with it, people will choose to deal with avoidance.

To make this work, avoiders need to go cold turkey — they need to stop avoiding cold turkey. It’s like giving up drinking — you can never get high again on what you like about it. You know that if you take one drink, even one after years of sobriety, then it’s one more drink away from getting sloppy drunk and waking up in the gutter again. That fear keeps most drinkers sober for life. And it keeps maintainers not drinking.

Let the power of PRONOIA work for you.  The Universe is conspiring to help you.

Here are some lies told by AVOIDERS, lying to themselves:

“No way.  It’s embarrassing”.

“I feel judged”.

“I’ll be exposed for not knowing or doing anything”.

“There is no value in learning from my past so I better keep it a secret.”

“Now other people think poorly of me, but there isn’t much I can do about it now.” “Perhaps they should have been more aware of what I was doing and where I was going.”

Alternate Attitude: Disrupt the lies that feed your avoidance self-talk by creating an environment that supports your present reality.

You have to go into the Land of The Outrageous.

Ask yourself the following question 27 times per day for the next 29 days:

  1. Are you re-writing your old copy?
  2. Why is Jack Jack?
  3. What is the best thing about… avoidance?
  4. How can we make this more effective?
  5. How can I monetize this moment of avoidance?
  6. Is Avoidance more cost effective than non-avoidance?
  7. How much my avoidance contributes to my retirement savings?
  8. Am I a better public speaker by avoiding speaking out?
  9. Why is Brendan Brenden?

“I can’t really think of any ways to monetize this moment”.

But when you can, I would love to hear the monetization ideas.  Please tell us how you monetize avoidance!

Creativity Supplants Avoidance

Explore your creativity.  Think creative. Act original.

Prove your recovery from avoidance by monetizing your avoidance.

That’s a tall order.

Think about it. You share tons of moments on social media every day. It’s worth some money, right?

Do you have a product, service, or experience that you’re passionate about?

We want to know how we can take a million selfies a day and turn it into a passive monthly income.

If you don’t have a product or service, you probably have time on your hands that you spend on social media. Is that time well spent in your best interest? If it is – prove it.

For too long, people have explored their creativity but failed to make money off it. The following are three examples of absurd, outrageous business ideas.

The Million Selfies Example:

I want to find out how I can take a million selfies a day and turn it into passive income.

We want to know how we can take the millions of selfies people take daily and turn them into a passive monthly income…

Non-conformity requires AVOIDING AVOIDANCE. Be outrageous.

Can you tell us how we can take a million selfies a day and turn it into a passive, monthly income?

Have you ever wanted to take a million selfies a day, upload them all to Instagram, and watch the passive monthly income roll in?

Well now you can turn the selfies you take every day into a passive monthly income.

Anyone can make money taking selfies about anything they like! So ask yourself, what kind of selfies could make me rich?

Selfies are all the rage but how can it be turned into profit?

If you think taking selfies is your passion, then it’s time for you to finally turn that into some cash.

We’re looking to fund our newest, guiltiest pleasure: taking selfies. We want to take the world’s best selfies and sell each one for $1.

“Hello, my name is Mike. I’m a father of two with a crazy idea. My crazy idea is that I want to take selfies with my phone, put them on Facebook, collect likes, and then I’ll make money.”

So are you still reading? Wow, you have more time on your hands than I do.

We are all about maximizing your earning potential through social media. Decide to act outrageously.

I heard that question at least once each week before I quit my job. There is only one problem the Avoideners stick to… It’s easier to stay in the avoidener mindset than to take a million selfies.

There’s no time like the present.

There are numerous methods of converting your assets to cash.

How do I sound?

Make Absurd Plans to supplant avoidance

There’s no time like the present

Life is a business. That is a fact of life.

There are numerous methods of converting your assets to cash.

How do I sound?

What is the worst that could happen?

What am I doing about earning money?

Sixty (60) seconds is the average time your users remain on your website.  How do you monetize it?

Ask:  What’s the one thing I love about my business?

Once you realize how much time you spend trying to figure out the next step. Stop! The answers are right in front of your eyes.

What is this sentence missing?

How can I monetize this text?

Do I avoid business deals?

If you stare at the text on this page, for one month non-stop, someone will pay you $100,000!

How can we monetize our famous – life experience? With a Twinkie book, of course!

From our handmade houses to the 99% of stocks we’ve never owned, everything about us is truly unique. But there were no books to capture it all. We thought, “With all this fabulousness, how can we monetize our famous — life experience?”

Stay Interesting!! Act outrageously.

We thought it would be funny to write about our lives in the hopes that someone might read it.

How can I make money off of this blog?

I know you want to be a writer, but at the moment, this article just seems like a really long sentence.

This question probably isn’t what you asked yourself before reading the letter.

The Twinkie Book Example.

How can we monetize our famous — life experience? With a Twinkie book, of course!

Let’s write the Book of Twinkies.

From our handmade houses to the 99% of stocks we’ve never owned, everything about us is truly unique. But there were no books to capture it all. We thought, “With all this fabulousness, how can we monetize our famous — life experience?” Welcome, Twinkie like book!

Twinkies are delicious. Not only that, but everyone loves Twinkies.

We saw an opportunity to bring together two proven things everyone loves: Twinkies and Famous people.  We put the two together and came up with the award-winning book “How To Avoid Avoidance …By Eating Twinkies!” The book not only includes an introduction by the famous Food Network host Rachael Ray, but 20 testimonials by some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, including Elizabeth Cornwalt.

Welcome, Twinkie like book!

As you know, we’re famous for our experience. So what kind of memoir should we write? One filled with insights and humorous stories, of course!

You can now write your favorite magazine article — in a matter of hours — and we’ll shop it around to your favorite publishers and agents and let them turn it into a book you’ll love!

Stay Interesting!  Stick With the Absurd.

The Apple iOS Example:

Make this growth strategy contagious.  Find out how Apple leverages built in viral loops for Apple iOS products that transfer into AVOID AVOIDANCE.

Take small, but measurable steps towards cutting off the avoidance. 

Turn the loop around. Instead of trying to avoid things, AVOID AVOIDANCE tries to go straight for the things they don’t like. 

Failure is impossible — and success is inevitable. It’s never about avoidance.

It’s about straight up flying into the scary stuff.

Create an Apple iOS app.  Make your avoidance the topic. Make it a joke or a sermon and share it with people.

Let them know you deliberate it and ask them to help.  And that doesn’t mean it should prevent you from succeeding in business.

The secret to succeeding in business is having an effective growth strategy for AVOID AVOIDANCE.  For example, you can create a business app that helps people AVOID AVOIDANCE.

We are discussing the AVOID AVOIDANCE technology.

Or you could put the word “AVOID” on everything in your life, then create an article describing what happens when people AVOID WXYZ.

There are endless ways to make money from AVOID – all you have to do is put the word on something and write about it.

Create a viral script so that AVOID AVOIDANCE is viewed as a warm hug, as you can see from this example of a viral endorsement from Jia Jiang, who is now earning six figures a year with his idea.

 What others don’t want you to know about avoiding failure, being better than average and going from average to extraordinary is that it can all be done with a simple change of perspective. 

AVOID AVOIDANCE will show you how to take the actions you need to take – even though you may think avoiding them is easier – and how to make decisions – even though you may think avoiding them is easier. It turns out it’s not

Although it seems counterintuitive, the reality is that the best way to achieve your dreams is to choose a path that beats, rather than avoids, failure. That’s what this app does. It shows you how to have a successful career by taking the actions you need to take and making decisions other people don’t want you to make. Even though avoiding those actions and decisions may seem easier.

Rewrite your unwritten rules about avoiding your life challenges – even though you may think avoiding them is easier.

Definition: AVOID AVOIDANCE is a new set of strategies that helps you take action even when you think doing so is not in your best interest.

Avoiding failure seems often easier than succeeding at your goals. The change in perspective that Avoid Avoidance provides is vital for anyone who wants to successfully improve their life.

AVOID AVOIDANCE is a thought leader iOS app that is also incorporates effective time management strategies.

The Travel Writer Example

The travel Writer is a travel adventurer who writes about their travel adventures.

The travel writer is NOT an Avoider. Travel writer does not avoid the unexpected vagaries of travels. The travel writer has entrepreneurial personality traits. They do not expect a guaranteed salary or income. They make their income out of their travel writing and photography. They don’t look to sleep in the same bed on the same pillow thirty nights for a row.

Many travel writer reach a celebrity status. The celebrity status is a byproduct. Reached by their published blogs, photos and videos. Most are published authors.
You likely have heard the names of Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity; Paul Theroux or Drew Binsky and his 2.4 million followers on Facebook, me being one of them.

Each one is an existentialist, adventurer who goes before the crowds and doesn’t avoid the unknowns. They all practice the art of non-conformity.

They all seem to be looking out for trouble and cherish the unknown.

Trouble is grist for their tales of adventure writing.

They don’t mind staying a night in jail at the 191th country they visit. It’s the grist for their next story to be proudly reported on YouTube.

There is a 4th installment in this blog posts series. Its in a draft form…

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