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The Age of AI and Our Human Future by Henry Kissinger

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THE AGE OF AI – Book Review
The New Kissinger Doctrine Is a Game Changer
The book The Age of AI and Our Human Future is a graduate school level text. The Age of AI is the future, and it’s coming way too fast. The human race has never been more challenged. We are all about to make some huge decisions. I read and studied the book twice.
It is almost a magisterium for human life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution age. It is written by thought leaders of the highest-level, each in their respective fields.
The book was authored by three top thought leaders: Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State and political philosopher; Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google during its 10 most formative years; and Daniel Huttenlocher, the Dean of School of Computing at MIT.
Reviewer’s Conclusions:
The Age of AI is a scholarly document authored by distinguished architects that formed the reality in which live. Each is an intellectual visionary in his field.
The book serves readers from the two ends of the rainbow. At one end are the STEM scholars who get a refresher view in the history and future of the humanities in the Western civilization. On the other end are the scholars in the humanities and social studies who get introduced to the cutting edge technology explained in easy to understand language.
It is a recommended text to be required in any college major tracks for students in their senior year. Be they in philosophy, political science, law, art and design, engineering, computer sciences, mathematics or accounting.
Humanity as we know it, is already being divided into two classes. Those are the AI literate and the AI ignorant classes. The outcome results in a difference in economic status and standard of living.
The book has its limitations. Some of its technical contents have already fallen behind since it went to press.
Certain influential players in the field of AI are not mentioned. For example, Amazon Web Services and Apple products. China is a major player in AI R&D and advances but is barely mentioned. China’ AI accomplishments today, have possibly exceeded the U.S. in AI technologies.
Last words – study this book – be AI Literate.

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