LIFE WITHOUT GOSSIP? This is a philosophical question.

It was posed by Susan Mulcahy, a journalist in charge of writing gossip columns.
It gave me something to think about.

I wasn’t sure what the right answer is.
But then the answers dawned on me one after the other.

Gossip is a living proof to the existence of society.

Gossip is part of human communication. Communication is the currency of success. Gossip reporting is the dessert of journalism.

Gossip is a part of the duties of a catholic priest. It’s called Confession. Confession purifies the Soul and paves the way to heaven. Matters of Divinity were always part of classic Western philosophy.

Gossip is a source of knowledge because it is of persistent human interest.  Take for example the question: “How do you know?”  And the answer is: “I heard it from a reliable source”. A reliable source is a fact. Isn’t it?  When in doubt ask Google.

Gossip can be derived from querying Google. Google is the postmodern source of gossip. Hence, is there life without Google?

Oh, then the source of knowledge is a classic scholarly issue in the realm of Epistemology in Western philosophy.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

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