The Israeli composer Baruch Lender, (1913-1994), published in1979 a two-mover showing, for the first time, a combination of exchanged key and threat with mates in both passes. According to the definition this is actually the combination of themes Reversal and le Grand.

The Original Lender Combination 1979

Despite the originality of thematic paradox, His composition was not adequately rewarded in tourney, and therefore this new combination remained unnoticed.  To make the injustice even bigger, the problem didn’t find its place in the FIDE Album.  This is only one of countless examples where authors of new themes have gained little benefit from their inventions, and the glory is many years later collected by others.  The only consolation for the inventor is if the invention become recognizable by his or her name as was the case with the Reversal+le Grand blend which is nowadays known as the Lender Combination.

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