Serendipiters are discoverers and inventors.

Serendipiters are practitioners of the art of serendipity. They practice serendipity.

Discoveries are the products of the human mind.

A discovery waits for a suitable human discoverer. America waited for Christopher Columbus to be discovered. The penicillin fungi waited for Sir Alexander Fleming.

Let me make it clear: Galileo went star gazing without prior knowledge what he might see or find. Yet he found the four moons of Jupiter.  It was a serendipitous finding.

The moons of Jupiter wanted to be seen and discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610.
You may disagree with this idea that Jupiter moons selected Galileo as their discoverer.  If you disagree with Galileo’s observations and premises you are in the same company with the Inquisition of the Catholic Church.  Congratulations!

The Inquisition found that the idea of the Earth’s movement “receives the same judgment in philosophy.  And … in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith”. Consequently, Pope Paul V instructed Cardinal Bellarmine to deliver this finding to Galileo, and to order him to abandon Heliocentrism.

The Catholic Church that objected to Galileo’s discoveries eventually changed its position regarding Galileo. So the moons of Jupiter selected their most suitable discoverer. And the rest is history.

Galileo portrait by Domenico Tintoretto

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