The useful idiot lives with a mental syndrome. It is a viral clinical disorder.

A useful idiot is a person who does not know that they can think for themselves and think independently of other people’s opinions. When you think for yourself you are a free person. If you echo other peoples’ thoughts and opinions you’re a puppet. 

A useful idiot is an involuntary slave. Folks who are aware of their freedom to think are always free. Useful idiots keep looking for reasons to justify inauthentic beliefs of otherpeople.

Useful idiots are common people who are followers of other people. A useful idiot is not aware that they can think for themselves. Useful idiots are lazy thinkers, if they think at all. Instead the useful idiot follows the gurus, the politicians, the religious clergy and internet influencers. An internet influencer is someone who has the power to affect others’ purchasing decisions because of their supposed authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.
Example: Useful idiots follow the Kardashians.

In the case of the Kardashians useful idiots adopt the Kardashians special jargon such as “turbo thot”, “slore” (that word is a portmanteaux of slut+whore in case you didn’t know).
I fell trapped into the kardashianese expression: “OKurrr”  Get this I thought it’s a misnomer for O’Hare airport. Not true! Okurrr in kardashianese dialect stands for OK+Sure!

In politics, a useful idiot is a term used to describe a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause—particularly a bad cause originating from a devious, ruthless source—without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically being used by the cause’s leaders. Let’s call it political Kardashianism.

Tiny footnote:  The term “useful idiot”, stands for a naive or unwitting person, was used in a British periodical as early as 1864.  Useful idiot was used to advance Communist causes. The term was used by Joseph Stalin to refer to countless innocent although well-intentioned sentimentalists or idealists who aided the Communist Soviet agenda.

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