Jewish Life in Historical Istanbul – Hasköy Cemetery: Typology of Stones

The Hasköy Cemetery is a historic Jewish cemetery located in the Hasköy district of Istanbul, Turkey. The cemetery is one of the oldest in Istanbul and was in use for over 600 years. It is the site of the graves of many prominent Jewish figures, including Abraham Kamondo, a banker to the Ottoman court, and Yosef HaLevi, a rabbi and Talmudic scholar.

The cemetery was first surveyed by Professor Minna Rozen in the late 1980s. Rozen uncovered over 22,000 tombstones, which were cleaned and photographed. The findings of the survey were published in the book Hasköy Cemetery: Typology of Stones, which was published in partnership by the Diaspora Research Institute of the Tel Aviv University and the Center for Judaic Studies of the University of Pennsylvania. The book contains over 2,000 diagrams and photographs of the tombstones.

The findings of the survey and other Jewish cemeteries in Turkey were made available online in 2012. The website, which is hosted by the Tel Aviv University, features a database of tombstones, as well as photographs and maps of the cemeteries. The website is a valuable resource for researchers and genealogists interested in Jewish history and culture.

The Hasköy Cemetery is a significant historical site and a testament to the Jewish community of Istanbul. The cemetery is a place of pilgrimage for Jews from all over the world and is a reminder of the rich history of the Jewish people in Turkey.

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