There is a fine line separating street protests from street anarchy.

The would be protesters in Chicago, May 19-21, 2012, are in search of a cause.  During a press conference in Chicago on April 30, a would-be protester who cannot retire from his Vietnam era experience shouted at the Chicago NATO Host Committee director:

“Why are you bringing war criminals like Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice to Chicago?  Why are we losing our human rights”?

The shouting professor – lives in his past.  He did not have the sense to cite a future or current, “threatening” event worthy of his planned protest.  Both former Secretaries, Albright and Rice, are respectable public figures.  They endure criticisms originated by their work in public service.  But they saw accomplishments too during their term in office.  One can disagree with them, however protesting today against Madeleine Albright who served as Secretary of State during 1997-2001, serves only one purpose – promoting the sales of her newly published book: “Prague Winter”.

The coalition against NATO/G8 in Chicago lost steam when the G8 meeting was taken away from it…

Hopefully this coalition will not turn into anarchists looking for a cause of protest.

© 2012 Mandy Lender

About Mandy Lender

Mandy Lender, MD is an author, physician, public speaker, volunteer and adventurer. He published two books and two more books are in progress. Links:
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