Howard Crampton Jr: Self-Expression

The following is a guest blog entry written and published by Howard Crampton Jr.

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in the past, but I’ve had a lot of fun. I live such a good life because I have no regrets as to what I’ve experienced.

I have been hurt, and have hurt others. I have forgiven, and been forgiven.

Life is about self-expression, so go out there and be yourself and be conscious of not taking away from someone else’s experience. If you do, forgive yourself and apologize.

Say “Yes!” to Life. Say “Yes!” to Self-Expression. Say “Yes!” to Experience. When you fall down, pick yourself back up and brush yourself and go out there and do it again.

You are as much a leader as you are a follower. No one person is better or more important than anyone else. See yourself in others, and be open so as others can see themselves in you.

Put yourself out there and have fun along the journey. Life is not short, it’s Forever! But our experience as being human is limited only in this dimension, and you’ll have another opportunity, and another, and another…

What will you do today to express your Best self?

Howard Crampton, Jr.

Inspirator/Spiritual Mind Practitioner

(C) 2012 Howard Crampton Jr.

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