On May 2, I opined here about the nature of the protesters and demonstrators attracted to the streets of Chicago during the (now aborted) G8 and NATO summits.  What a dazzling world-wide, media-covered opportunity for anyone who has something to say…

Among the groups that registered to demonstrate on Friday May 18 in the streets of Chicago are nurses – The National Nurses United.  The group describes itself on their website as registered nurses.  The nurses plan to come to Chicago to protest in the face of the G8 summit meeting against the inequities that ail the world.

The nurses united got a problem.  There is no longer a G8 summit in Chicago.

The G8 summit was moved elsewhere.  Even the president of Russia will not attend the G8 summit because he has more pressing things in Moscow than hang out in Camp David MD.  So this summit is reduced to a G7 summit.

But the National Nurses United members have no sick patients to take care of on a Friday.  They are left with their fringe political agenda that hangs dry in Chicago.   So they united up with a punk-rock guitarist, Tom Morello who seeks a platform to sell his albums…   This nurses’ partner to street demonstrations is quoted in the Chicago Tribune saying: “I have to have one or two sips of (Irish whiskey) before I step on a stage with Bruce”.

Was Morello referring to a special brand of medicinal alcohol?

So much for the nursing profession’s empowerment and pride.


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