Julie Paytas-Long, a mother and grandmother, is the guest author of this Mother’s Day blog:

While everyone sleeps, I look through pictures, clay figurines, a bird house, a lamp, the list goes on… and all I can feel is pure gratefulness, appreciation, and respect for my children.

So long ago but like yesterday, that God’s mercy would count me worthy of such blessings???  That all His promises are true “…..they will return to Him” as I watch His blessings being poured over their lives…..I am humbled beyond words.

They are exceptional Mom’s, spouses, sisters, friends, daughters and sons themselves and I could not be more proud. Mothers Day is such a special time for me not for myself, but for me to say thank you to God and to Heather, Heidi, Serena, Sarah, and Scott Ross.  I am so very proud and honored to be your Mother. I truly believe I have the best family in the whole world!! I love you beyond breath~ ♥ ♥

— with Heather Vessely, Heidi Ellis, Serena Long, Sarah Long, Scott Ross.

(C) 2012 Julie Paytas-Long

About Mandy Lender

Mandy Lender, MD is an author, physician, public speaker, volunteer and adventurer. He published two books and two more books are in progress. Links: www.mandylender.com www.google.com/+MandyLenderMasterAttractor www.karkinosfarm.com www.visionofhabakkuk.com
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