First is a story how airline traffic was altered in alignment with my thoughts.
It is Friday, March 1st and I am sitting with my friend David Seefeld, having breakfast at Panera in Midland Michigan.   We are both ardent students of Esther Hicks and her principles of the Law of attraction.  Our conversation is half business, half gossip.    It gets late morning and it’s time to end the chat and part our ways.  David has to go about his day’s work and I have to go to my place and get a few things done before taking an evening flight to Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

My flight is scheduled to depart at 7:43PM.   I mention to David: “I think I may stop at the airport and check-in early for this flight and have the agent put me on the waiting list for even an earlier flight at 3:32PM that departs to Chicago.”   That means that I have to go to the airport at 2 pm, go through security and wait for my chance to board the earlier flight.  If I don’t get to board that flight, I wasted most of the afternoon and I am about to waste time now, stopping at the airport  and then go home and pack and then return to the airport.  I realize that it’s not a good use of my time and I say to David: “I think I might just wait at home, get done with useful chores and travel on my original flight.”

The weather is fair.  I went home.  At about 5 PM I started to track on-line the status of my flight.  It didn’t look good.  A flight delay is anticipated.  I went at 7 PM to the airport, ready to spend time waiting for a late departure to Chicago.

I check-in, I go through security and I make myself comfortable with a book and my tablet.

As I sit, I see a plane parked at the gate.  Hmm, what is that plane for?   My plane will get here no earlier than 8:45PM for a late departure at about 9:15 PM.

A captain in uniforms stands by the boarding gate and chats with a busy agent.   I put on my friendly smile: “Are you the victimized pilot of this plane?”  And he answers: “Yes, indeed I am.”

“What are you doing here?”

Well, it turns out that this is the parked aircraft that was supposed to depart at 3:32PM, is still at the gate at 7:30PM.   My next question to the gate-agent: “Do you still have seats on this plane?  Can I board this plane to Chicago?”
The answer was: “Yes and yes.”

At about 8PM, I depart on a plane to Chicago O’Hare, practically without delay, according to my original itinerary.  Better yet, the 3:32PM plane has been waiting for me at the gate for 4 hours as I first wished earlier in the morning to get me on-time to Chicago.

#        #        #

I asked for and received a flight to Chicago on board the plane that I wished.  The plane was parked idly by the gate, waiting for my check-in at the airport.  Once I arrived at the gate and boarded this plane departed about 10 minutes late from my booked itinerary.

#        #        #

Let’s do some analysis.

If you understand the Law of Attraction and live in the mindset of the Law of Attraction as I do, this kind of scenario does not surprise you.

You ask and you receive.  You do not have to write, you do not have to call, and even your fees are waived.  Often time you do not have to do anything except ask and effortlessly – receive.

All you have to is – know what you want!

Next, there are no time delays between the asking and receiving.   All you have to do is ask, and whatever you ask is pre-arranged for you to receive – instantaneously!

The Law of Attraction is creating continuously and interminably!

#        #        #

If you wish to understand the psychological mechanisms of action of the Law of Attraction you can find them in the first part of my new book “The master Attractor”.


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