The college of cardinals is convening to elect a new pontiff.  The cardinals deliberate who is the best amongst them to occupy the seat of St Peter.  Better question yet, they ask who deserves to be the Vicar of Christ.

Whomever they elect must be a master attractor to keep the church unified, to serve as contemporary apostle and evangelist and to lead the church in modern times.

Is there a man who will fulfill all these weighty expectations?

I do not know of one singular man.

But I do know that the pontiff should have a profile that is an amalgam of two great apostolic/evangelical leaders.  The first is Paul of Tarsus who led to the creation of Christianity and the second leader is the master evangelist of our times – Billy Graham.

Paul of Tarsus laid the foundations to Christian theology and was a master attractor who brought the early believers into the church.  He was a visionary; and great communicator in writing and preaching.

Billy Graham is our modern times evangelist who preached the gospel to most people on earth during the second half of the twentieth century.  His integrity, honesty and openness are exemplary.   His declared mission, to bring the gospel to everyone by any means of communication, placed him at the cutting edge technology of gospel preaching.  His name is sterling and his leadership is of stellar reputation.

The man in the catholic world who melds the two profiles of master attractor into one living figure – he is the ideal pontiff.



© 2013 Mandy (Menahem) Lender


About Mandy Lender

Mandy Lender, MD is an author, physician, public speaker, volunteer and adventurer. He published two books and two more books are in progress. Links: www.mandylender.com www.google.com/+MandyLenderMasterAttractor www.karkinosfarm.com www.visionofhabakkuk.com
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