Me & My Muse – Day 342: Happy Father’s Day!

Kyle L Walker posted this blog yesterday.

The Walker Estate

What are you doing reading this?  Everyone.  Go to your father, give him a nice big hug  or high five and tell him that you love him very much.  If your father is not with you anymore, my condolences.

Still there?  I mean it.  Now is not the time to read this daily blog.  Spend it with your father.  As for me, I have done this having dinner with my grandparents.  As for my father, he has yet to come home from his trip to Mount Rushmore with my mom and their friends.  Now, it is time for me to go to work and make pizzas that older sons and daughters will not buy for their dads.  Really.  They are more likely to take their dad out for a nice dinner instead of spending it on a $6 pizza.  But if dad wants pizza, it still might be a little…

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