Attracting the Cure


Cancer patients can attract the cure over their disease through living in alignment with the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is a life tool.  It is most useful in the unwelcomed situation of the necessity to battle cancer.  This life tool in the context of a cancer diagnosis is an instrument that facilitates survival.

Struggling to achieve a cure, or a remission in a situation of metastatic cancer is a must win existential struggle.   Even a clinical remission is a worthwhile achievement.

In this clinical context the Law of Attraction, as always, consists of two elements:

  • Mindset The mindset is about clarity.
  • Skillset The skillset is about activity.

When a patient and their family, friends and social network know those elements they are in possession of this life tool.

In the instance of cancer – knowledge of the Law of Attraction – is power.

The Mindset starts with clarity of the will to live.  The patient has to possess the will to live and a will to seek the cure of cancer.

The mindset has two components. One is accepting and internalizing the fundamental premise that there is a cure.  There is definitely a remission.  There is healing. The same applies to the patients’ family circle and their social network.  The family circle must share the mindset that there is a cure and life will continue although with unexpected episodes of pain and obstacles.

Second, the mindset requires that winning the battle against cancer involves more than a single person’s knowledge and expertise.  The successful fight against cancer is done by pooling the experience of several minds – a brain trust of experts.  That is represented by the rule of always seeking a second or third opinion and considering alternatives.  And there are always alternatives.

The Skillset consists of life style, behavioral and technical adaptations.  Daily habits and life style will inevitably change by the patients and their family and friends.  The cancer patients and their immediate family adapt to new life order.

The skillset is about taking action.  First, cancer patients get active – they seek advice and input from as many specialists as is feasible.  They listen to other patients’ experience.

Second. It means actively seeking and finding the right doctor for additional opinion – one or two other oncologists.  A nurse oncologist is there to follow the patient during chemotherapy.  A nutritionist assists with dietary planning along the path for recovery.  Visit periodically with a psychologist or a therapist.  Mental health counselors get involved in overcoming the reactive depression that commonly hits the cancer patient.  A spiritual counselor or pastor walks along with the patient.  The spiritual counselor assists cancer patients in finding and maintaining meaning to their life.  Without meaning in life the cancer patients will not be able to stoke the fires of their will to live.  Supplication prayer promotes healing and the cure by focusing the thoughts on healing and the cure.

Thirdly – education therapy – cancer patients and family must be informed.  They ask their healthcare providers pertinent questions.  They gather the questions with the assistance of their family members, their friends, and their social network in church or a support group.  The questions include information about the newest drugs, experimental drugs and treatment protocols.   Sharing stories of successful cures. There are support group for almost any class of cancer.

There are excellent resources of information on the internet.  The best and richest internet sites are patient oriented sites set by the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society.

Fourth, to win the battle against cancer the patient is better off in getting care in large oncology centers.  Large centers are likely to have the most modern technology and the best experience drawn from treating large numbers of cancer patients with same diagnoses.

In summary – in order to win the battle on cancer the patient must maintain a clear mindset of the will to live.  Actively attract skilled specialists and allied healthcare providers.  Actively participate in support groups.  Attract and adopt specific new life style changes that are required of them to win the battle with cancer.

© Mandy Lender MD 2015

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Mandy Lender, MD is an author, physician, public speaker, volunteer and adventurer. He published two books and two more books are in progress. Links:
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